Accused in treason trial said he introduced soldier to Dr Mac-Palm on health grounds

Bright Alan Yeboah, alias Odeneho transport manager, accused of treason, says he introduced Warrant Officer Class Two (WOII) Esther Saan to the late Dr Frederick Mac-Palm on health grounds.

“After I got to know her, she always complained about health issues and most of it was about fertility problems, so I told her I have a doctor friend who can help her.” Yeboah told the High Court during a Cross-examination.

He explained that when he introduced WOII Esther to Dr Mac-Palm, the discussion they had was only about her health.

Asked whether he and Esther met Staff Sergeant Sule Kwadwo Awarf, Prosecution’s star witness, Yeboah answered in the affirmative and said Dr Mac-Palm was not part of that meeting held at the Next Door Beach Resort at Teshie.

What did they discuss? Yeboah, also known as Debrah, said he spoke to both soldiers about Take Action Ghana (TAG) and the need for their support security wise, after telling them about TAG’s mission in creating public awareness on the change Ghana needed following the hardship the citizens were facing.

He denied planning to overthrow government.

He emphasized that one Dr Sam was the one who stated on the platform that the Group would mobilise masses for civil uprising to bring about a new constitution and would shut the current government down, this, he said was contrary to TAG’s mission, thus, he was removed from their WhatsApp platform.

Mrs Yvonne Attakorah Obuobisa, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), challenged that assertion as she said there was no displeasure registered at what Dr Sam said, according to the WhatsApp conversation being used as evidence against them.

It was rather Dr Sam who cautioned TAG members against the use of words such as revolution, the DPP pointed out.

Recounting how he met WOII Esther Saan, Debrah said in 2017, he met a gentleman through his work who needed a guarantor, and that guarantor was WOII Esther, as a result, he got to know her residence at the Teshie Military Camp.

Later, he got to know that Esther was from his mother’s hometown, so he made subsequent visits to be taught his mother’s tongue.

Mr Kormivi Dzotsi, defence counsel for Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dr Benjamin Kwasi Agordzo, asked whether Debrah indicated in his evidence-in-chief that he did not know his client and he said yes, though he knew him through the media.

He noted that ACP Agordzo was not one of TAG’s members on its executive WhatsApp platform.

Source: GNA

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