Bui Power Authority embarks on initiatives to augment hydro generation  

Bui Dam

The Bui Power Authority (BPA), in efforts to augment its hydro generation, has embarked on a 250 MW Solar Project, out of which 50MW had already been developed and connected to the National Interconnected Transmission System.  

The Project uses the Huawei inverters and battery system, the first of its kind to be deployed in Africa. 

Mr Samuel Kofi Dzamesi, Chief Executive Officer of BPA, said the move had allowed the Authority to exploit the opportunity that existed for technical complementation between the hydro-generation at Bui Generating Station (BGS) and solar power production to form a hydro-solar PV hybrid (HSH) plant.   

Mr Dzamesi was speaking at a Media Roundtable and Site-Visit Event on the theme:”Powering a Sustainable and Digital Future for West Africa: Pioneering cases from Bui Power Authority, Ghana.” 

The event organised by Huawei, BPA and Mei Energy aimed to showcase to the international community and Ghanaians the progress that had been made in achieving the aims set out in its Renewable Energy Masterplan.   

The tour to the hydro-solar PV hybrid (HSH) plant will show how serious Ghana is about keeping its promise to increase access to electricity to 90 per cent by 2024, and to provide universal access by 2025.  

“This is in line with the Government of Ghana’s drive to increase the renewable portion of Ghana’s Energy mix to 10 per cent by 2030,” he added. 

He said the Authority had installed a 10MW battery UPS from Huawei Power which makes it possible for the smooth transition and mix of hydro solar hybridization. 

Mr Dzamesi said without digitalisation it would be difficult to generate power at the Authority, especially solar and hydro. 

He said, “we have installed a 10mw battery UPS from Huawei Power which made it possible for the smooth transition and mix of hydro solar hybridization.  

“We are looking for private sector partnership to increase its power generation, especially with solar and hydro power,” has said. 

Mr Seth Mahu, the Deputy Director Power in Charge of Renewable Energy at the Ministry of Energy, said the government had embarked on the promotion of renewable energy policies and initiatives to woo investors interested into the sector. 

He said the Ministry had deployed ICT infrastructure onto the Mini grid infrastructure to respond to challenges of climate change.   

He said the country had made great strives in improving the energy mix.  

He said the country has an Energy Transition Framework which sought to guarantee the best fuel supply security through the provision of a diversified energy mix and cost-efficient electricity generation to accelerate socio-economic development.  

The Framework envisages to meet future electricity demand of 380,000GWh with an installed capacity of 83GW.  

Source: GNA 

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