Ban mining in forest reserves to stem environmental degradation – FON

Mr. Solomon Kusi Ampofo the Project Coordinator at the Friends of the Nation has called for a total ban on mining across all forest reserves in the country.

The State, he noted, must also marshal resources and be seen as one committed to really fighting illegal mining particularly in water bodies in the country.

Mr. Ampofo in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on World Environment Day said, “the state should marshal its resources to stop illegal mining in water bodies and there should be constant policing of water bodies to prevent mining”.

He educated on the benefits of these forest reserves as sources of livelihood, medicine and food as well as promoting good ecological harmony adding, “in no way should any institution permit such disparaging acts in the name of mining at the expense of the larger society.

Mr. Ampofo called for attitudinal change on the part of illegal miners to help save the environment and the future of the country and appealed state actors to profess sustainable plastic solutions, focused on reuse, recycling, reorientation, and diversification.

He said, the country should swiftly enact legislation which banned the single-used plastics, adding “We create incentives and enabling environment to recycle at least 30 per cent of plastics from the current figure of five per cent”.

The Project Coordinator said another area of concern was behavioural Communication to encourage reuse of plastic products and change consumer behaviours and preferences for plastic packaging.

He tasked manufacturers to restrict the craving for plastic packaging especially in the food and beverage industry.

“We should stop production of tomato paste, toothpaste, drinks and washing powder in sachets and PET bottles.”

Turning attention to the Ocean, He noted that the government must have relocation plans for affected communities rather than sea Defense which was costly and transferred the sea aggression to other coastal areas.

“We need to also enforce the laws on sand winning, unsustainable harvesting of mangroves and providing resources for relocation of affected people.”

Source: GNA

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