New Lepowura enskinned for Kpembe Traditional Area

Mr Abdul Karim, a 55-year-old commercial farmer, has been enskinned as the new Lepowura for the Kpembe Traditional Area in the Savannah Region under the skin name Lepowura Bore-enasa.

Lepowura Bore-enasa, a distinguished member of the Singbin traditional gate from the Shekreh family lineage, emerged as the rightful successor to the Lepowura position within the Kpembe Traditional Paramountcy and was accordingly enskinned.

His colourful enskinment ceremony, which was held at the Kpembewura Banbangne Ndefoso IV’s palace (Paramount Chief of Kpembe Traditional Area) at Kpembe in the East Gonja Municipality, was witnessed by residents of Kpambe and Salaga.

His enskinment followed the demise of the then Lepowura Alhaji Muhammed Nuru-Deen Jawula in the United States of America on January 21, 2023.

The Lepowura serves as the Chief of Staff to the Paramount Chief of Kpembe Traditional Area, who must ensure that he is able to marshal both the human and material resources to enable the Paramount Chief discharge his traditional functions without hindrance. 

Kpembewura Banbangne Ndefoso IV called on the new Lepowura to live up to his traditional responsibilities in the discharge of his new role within the environs of Kpembe Traditional Area.

Lepowura Bore-enasa expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the people of Kpembe Traditional Area and the entire Gonjaland for their unwavering support and solidarity towards his enskinment.

He said the support extended to him would encourage him to deliver on his mandate in meeting the high expectations and needs of the people to improve on their lot.

He spoke about his vision for the area and listed four issues he intended to prioritise during his tenure, which included educational empowerment for the youth, improving access to potable water, encouraging, and giving incentives to the youth to embrace profitable farming ventures, and lobbying to improving on the state of the road network.

Source: GNA

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