Kamala Harris’ historic speech in Ghana re-echoes US commitment to Africa’s development

Kamala Harris

The United States (US) has re-echoed its firm commitment to work with Africa at all levels of development.

“What happens in Africa affects the entire world. Africa has the energy, dynamism and potential,” Kamala Harris, the US Vice-President, told an enthusiastic crowd at the Independence Square, Accra, Ghana’s capital city, as she delivered a historic speech on her three-nation African tour.

The trip to Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia until April 02, comes after a December summit hosted by President Joe Biden in Washington with US leaders and counterparts from Africa.

Economic empowerment, digital inclusion, democracy and good governance were the key highlights of Harris’ speech.

According to her, African nations played a critical role in issues of global concern such as peace and security, therefore, it was appropriate that the US worked with the leaders to enhance the wellbeing of the people.

“There are long-lasting ties between the US and Africa. We have an intertwined history.” Ms. Harris noted.

The US, she said, had over the years been supportive of the continent in many aspects of the human fields of endeavour – education, health, agriculture, security, science and technology.

On science, technology and innovation, the visiting US Vice-President said it was encouraging the manner in which the continent was determined to break barriers in those areas.

“Your determination and creativity will drive the future. I am optimistic about the future of the world,” she stated.

Ms. Harris indicated that the US would continue to work with the continent to make inroads in science, technology and innovation since these areas were critical in solving problems “we have not yet identified.”

Source: GNA

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