Judge recognises ex-convict appearing before him, jails him 36 months

It was hell for Sampson Appau after he was recognised by a Judge as an ex-convict ahead of his sentencing.

“You have been in this Court before, there is no fine for you again in this Court. It is difficult to acquire property for one to steal within a short time,” Mr Mark Tair-ima Diboro , the Judge, told the ex-convict.

He then sentenced Appau to 36 months’ imprisonment in hard labour for stealing.

Appau was arraigned in 2022 and charged with attempted stealing.

He pleaded guilty to his new offence of stealing, and he was convicted on his own plea.

The Court in passing sentence considered the fact that the ex-convict pleaded for mercy and mitigation.

“The accused is known, he appeared before this same court on attempted stealing, he is sentenced to 24 months on unlawful entry, 20 months on stealing and 36 months for stealing,” the Judge pronounced.

Recounting the incident, the prosecution said Mr Samuel Yeboah, the Complainant, was a businessman and resident of Yapesa near Asiwa in the Bosome-Freho District.

Appau, it told the Court, was a galamseyer (illegal miner) and also a resident of the same place.

The prosecution said on March 16, 2023, at about 0930 hours, the ex-convict was involved in case of stealing and was severely beaten up by mob at Yapesah.

It said he sustained injuries and was sent to Yapesah Health Centre where he was admitted for treatment.

The prosecution said the next day, Appau ran away from the health centre whilst on admission and unlawfully entered the complainant’s room through the ceiling at Yapesah to steal.

Luckily, the complainant’s wife, Afia Mary, who was around, saw Appau in the act and raised the alarm.

The prosecution said Appau sensing danger, picked a stick and hit her on the neck and quickly left the scene.

The Court heard that the victim, who was in pain screamed for help, and some people rushed in and took her to the same health centre for treatment.

Afterwards, the complainant and some youth of the town began a manhunt for Appau and a few hours later, he was arrested and handed over to police at Asiwa for investigations.

The complainant later went to the house and found out that his 36 blades of raw gold valued at GH¢16,200.00 had been stolen.

During investigations, Appau admitted and confessed to the crime and stated that he had hidden the stolen Gold in a hole at Yapesah but he could not lead the police to retrieve same.

Source: GNA

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