Show-stopping performance at third edition of Akple Festival

It was nothing short of enjoyment and a display of culture at the third edition of Ghana’s most exciting food and music party, Akple Festival 2023.

Thousands of patrons thronged Mmofra Place in Dzorwulu to celebrate Ghana’s Independence Day in what could be described as cultural splendour and awe.

Varieties of sumptuous local delicacies were on display, while good indigenous music was louder to draw patrons onto the dance floor.

This year’s festival, dubbed “Discover the Good Life,”, brought together over thirty food vendors to serve revellers dishes like Akple with Abobitaadi, Fetritoto, Ademe, and other accompaniments, banku and tilapia spiced with vegetables, and a lot more.

Mr. Ebenezer Echiri Mensah, Chief Executive Officer of BrandwithEchiri, the organisers of the festival, stated the need to appreciate what is local and push for more indigenous content. 

“We look at March 6 as the day we liberate ourselves from what is western and celebrate our own. For us, we chose this day to mark or go back to what is indigenous and what is cultural, what is heritage, and what better way to celebrate it than to use food, music, and a bubbly atmosphere like this here at Akple Festival 2023,” he said.

It was a day of musical fiesta, with an energetic crowd to complement it. The Denyigba Lorlor Borborbor Band broke the ice with an impressive cultural performance, drawing many onto the dance floor, including foreigners who joined in the excitement. 

The ever-vibrant God’s Gift Brass Band followed with an impressive musical performance. The crowd wouldn’t wait to see the show stoppers, the AdahaDance Band. They were all thrust into extreme excitement when the band stepped on stage.

The band took patrons into the Independence era and journeyed with them into the new school music era, performing a plethora of high-life tunes and leaving moments for singing and dancing.

Akple Festival is an annual food and music party that offers a unique opportunity for patrons to enjoy delicacies in a bubbly atmosphere spiced with good indigenous melodies.

Source: GNA

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