Sickle cell can be prevented – Advocate

Mrs Charlotte Owusu of Sickle Cell Condition Advocate says sickle cell disease can be prevented though it is a blood disease inherited from both parents.

She encouraged potential couples to check their genotype to know their status, such knowledge will help one to make the right partner choice.

Mrs Owusu shared this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in an interview during a free health screening organised by the Team General Hospital and Tema Polyclinic.

She said sickle cell was a blood disease inherited from both parents and encouraged people to always know their sickle cell status before going into marriage or bringing forth children.

“Since sickle cell children are always prone to other diseases, they mostly lose their lives at an early stage,” she mentioned.

Mrs Owusu called on opinion leaders, organizations, and churches to educate their youth, especially on sickle cell conditions, and their implications so that they would not end up making the wrong partner choice and give birth to sickle cell children.

She also encouraged parents with sickle cell children to accept them and care for them as normal children and asked communities to stop stigmatizations.

Source: GNA

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