Deep Geo, GGSA partner to construct nuclear waste storage facility in Ghana

The Deep Geo Ghana Limited, an environmental management company, and the Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA) have agreed to work together towards the construction of a nuclear waste storage facility to support Ghana’s Nuclear Power Programme.

Ghana has intensified efforts to add nuclear power to the country’s energy mix – the target is to build and operate the country’s first nuclear power plant by 2030.

The Deep Geo and the GGSA on Friday signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in which the two institutions expressed their commitment to conduct feasibility studies on the construction of a deep geological repository for nuclear spent fuel in the country.

The GGSA is expected to conduct some geophysical studies and identify three candidates sites, out of which one would be selected as a preferred site for the facility.

Mr Link Murray, Chief Executive Officer, Deep Geo Repository Incorporated, and Mr David Amoah, CEO, Deep Geo Ghana Limited, signed the MoU on behalf of Deep Geo whiles Mr Isaac K. Mwinbelle, Acting Director General, GGSA, signed on behalf of the Authority.

The deep geological repository is a network of underground tunnels and placement rooms for used nuclear fuel containers. It is designed to safely contain and isolate used nuclear fuel over the long term.

Mr Amoah told the Ghana News Agency that Deep Geo was interested in managing Ghana’s nuclear waste in future, hence its decision to put the necessary arrangements in place ahead of time.

“By 2030, Ghana should be producing nuclear power. Nuclear power will be generating nuclear waste and we should be thinking on how to store that waste. That is why we want to go ahead and do this study and possibly construct the repository,” he said.

Mr Amoah said the facility to store nuclear waste required a location with a stable geology, adding that the signing of the MoU was the first of many activities to be undertaken.

Mr Murray said Deep Geo had a track record of assisting Canada to construct its Deep Geological Repository, and assured that the firm was willing to support Ghana to effectively manage its nuclear waste in future.

Mr Mwinbelle said the GGSA was committed to providing the necessary technical assistance to Deep Geo to help achieve the desired goal.

“This is in line with our mandate and we are ready to assist you in fulfilling this dream in the interest of national development,” he said.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in August last year approved the inclusion of nuclear technology into Ghana’s power generation mix.

The move is in consonance with the global collective commitment to the sustainable availability of power, and the peaceful exploitation of nuclear energy to enhance rapid industrialisation, and to propel economic growth.

Source: GNA

  1. divine multimedia consult says

    Another trojan horse. They pretend they are helping us build a waste site in readiness for future waste that will be created by Ghana. Then they will turn around and say our waste is not ready so they will import and store other countries waste to recover their money. Its all a ploy to make Ghana a dumping ground for nuclear waste.

  2. Wolfgang says

    What is the essence of creating problems in order to make a name in solving them? If there is no means available for recycling nuclear waste there must be no craving to create and store it. The abundant solar energy, wind and hydro power sources are there wasting whereas to create a storage for them has unlimited recycling potentials for the country. Without a long term national policy that looks into the future of generations yet unborn, there will always be opportunistic craving to create, loot and share in this country.

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