Late Adams Mahama saw and mentioned you – Chief State Attorney to accused

Prosecutors have told Asabke Asangi, the second accused person for the murder of Adams Mahama, that the deceased saw him and mentioned him as one of those who poured acid on him.

“I am putting it to you that the deceased, Adams Mahama, who knew you very well, saw you in the night of the incident that was why he mentioned your name to Asigri Quinn, Prosecution Witness (PW4), Zuwera Isaka (PW5) and Hajia Zenabu Adams (PW8).” Chief State Attorney (CSA) Marina Appiah Opare, the state lawyer revealed.

Asangi denied and said, ” it was untrue”.

Madam Marina said Asangi ran away not because of any threat on his life but because of the fact that the deceased mentioned his name that got him scared because he knew the consequences of his action.

Asangi admitted being scared when he heard his and Gregory Afoko’s names mentioned as those who poured the acid on the deceased but insisted he ran because his house and spot were burnt, son taken hostage whilst he was also threatened with death.

“I further put it to you that because of the grave nature of the offence you had no intention of coming back to Ghana after escaping to the Ivory coast.” Prosecution/CSA.

The accused person replied that he wanted to return because he had left his wife and children behind but he had no money.

Again, you failed to avail yourself to assist Police in investigations even when they offered to pick you up, he was asked, and he said there was way he could have used to get to the police station because the Bawku boys: “Toffique and Zongo boys, were all over who could have killed me.”

I am putting it to you that Baba Apayaa was not the one who informed you of Adams death as you told the Court, the State lawyer stated.

Asangi reiterated that he was not aware until one Joe Ayarika called and informed him when he was returning from his children’s school.

She said between 2300 hours and 2330 hours that fateful (May 20, 2015) day, you and Gregory poured acid on Adams, but the accused person said it was not true, adding that “whenever I hear these myself, I feel sad.”

Prosecution put it to him that in the accused person’s statement to the Police on January 27, 2019, that that night he took a bottle of Guinness as Gregory took Club Shandy on the contrary Asangi said Baba Apayaa and Akeresia, prosecution witnesses, told the Police that Gregory took Shandy and not him because he did not know Gregory that well to know his favourite drink neither would he remember.

The Chief State Attorney said Asangi knew Gregory and they often saw each other but he denied, saying he did not even know where he lived.

I am putting it to you that the relationship between you and the deceased became sour around the time of his death, Prosecution intimated but Asangi, the accused person, insisted it was cordial.

She said the deceased before his death called Asangi on the phone and told him that he had seen that he was now working for Gregory and that he should not call him again and “you told him that your loyalty is for the New Patriotic Party and not individuals” but Asangi said it was not so.

Meanwhile, prosecution has closed its case and there was no question from both the defence counsel and jury.

The Court presided over by Justice Merley Afua Wood adjourned the case to March 8, 2023.

By then, the Court said the records of proceedings should be ready and given to the parties to file their addresses.

Source: GNA

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