Japan’s struggle with unlawful gambling and the development of integrated resorts 

Another case of illegal gaming was recently reported in Tokyo, where eight people were arrested on January 30. The eight suspects were accused of running an illegal casino in Tokyo’s entertainment district, Kabukicho.

Hiroshi Hitomi, 44, the arrested group’s leader, confessed to the accusations after being questioned by Metropolitan Police. Evidence revealed that the casino had been running since 2005 and has made over 48 billion yen over the years.

The arresting officers also revealed suspicions that the casino was used to fund crime in the city. In a statement, the arresting officer stated, “It was well-organized and one of Japan’s biggest underground casino operations in recent history. It was well hidden from the public and ran around the clock, providing 70 to 80 customers per day with illegal gambling facilities.” 

Japan’s never-ending battle against illegal gambling

The gambling industry in Japan has continued to grow despite strict regulations. While land-based casinos are prohibited, there is no specific law that prohibits online gambling. However, the gambling act only permits certain games such as horse racing, motorsport races, Pachinko, and the lottery.

Despite efforts to regulate the industry, new underground casino providers continue to emerge as soon as one illegal casino is shut down. The demand for modern gaming options is on the rise even in conservative markets with strict legal restrictions due to advancements in the global gambling industry.

Illegal gambling in Japan is a massive problem that involves not only criminal organizations but also law enforcement and politicians. In 2019, prosecutors arrested parliament member Tsukasa Akimoto for allegedly accepting a bribe of 3.7 million yen and allowing Chinese sports betting company 500.com to operate illegally in Japan.

Although Akimoto denied the accusations, his arrest negatively impacted public perception regarding looser regulations on the gambling industry. As a result, the opposition party proposed a bill to outlaw all gambling websites in Japan. Are there any real money casinos in Japan?

The integrated resorts proposal

Despite the ongoing crackdowns, the government is considering more effective ways to deal with illegal gambling in its entertainment districts and stop the enormous revenue losses to foreign casino operators. Additionally, the country loses a significant amount of tourism-related revenue from citizens and international tourists who choose to visit nearby tourist destinations like Macau, which has legalized gambling. The current administration is in the process of evaluating the potential social and economic effects of legalizing casinos.

A five-person casino management committee was appointed by the Japanese government in January 2020. The task of locating the ideal strategic sites for the construction of three Integrated Resorts fell to the federal committee. This would be the first legally operating casino in the nation. Additionally, the committee would oversee gaming operations and deal with security concerns brought on by casino operations.

The Japanese government is also working with a different approach to seek public participation on the issue of legalized casino centers. It has done so by holding town hall meetings, hearings, and referendums to inform residents about the financial benefits that integrated resorts could provide.

This came about as a result of proposals from the prefectures of Osaka and Nagasaki to grant the two thriving cities licenses for the integrated resorts. A consortium of MGM Resorts International, ORIX Corp, and Casinos Austria International supported the proposals and expressed their interest to offer implementation funds.

Despite slow casino development in Japan, there are hopes for the industry to experience accelerated growth in the near future. The first casino legalization act occurred in 2018, when the Japanese Diet approved Development of Specified Complex Tourist Facilities Areas (the ACT). The government anticipates further legalization as discussions between the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism continue to gain ground.

The future of integrated resorts in Japan

The integrated resorts that will be approved in Japan, according to reports, will offer an immersive experience appropriate for contemporary casino gaming and are expected to be among the largest in the Asian region. The resorts will offer a variety of all-inclusive entertainment and luxurious holiday options aimed at tourists.

The resorts will offer world-class dining, luxurious hotels, high-end shopping outlets, casinos among other recreation options. The resorts will also be designed to showcase Japanese culture, with architecture incorporating futuristic elements. 

The approval of Japan’s integrated resorts is expected to significantly reduce the demand for illegal gambling. It will also provide an opportunity to boost the tourism sector post-pandemic.

Final thoughts

In this article we’ve provided an authoritative analysis of Japan’s ongoing battle against illegal gambling and the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies and government officials in regulating the Japanese gaming industry.

The government is taking proactive measures to take into account the shifting dynamics in the global gambling industry, despite the fact that the issue of legalization is still divisive in Japanese culture. Due to the internet, it has become even more difficult to restrict access to casino services, and by maintaining non-progressive policies, it only serves to divert funds away from Japan and toward other neighboring states that are more progressive. 

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