Ghana Armed Forces to curb unauthorised use of military uniform, equipment  

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) says it is adopting more stringent lawful measures to curb the unauthorised use of military uniform and equipment. 

It says it will in accordance with the law and its rules of engagement deal with the growing menace of individuals and groups, using military pattern clothing, equipment and other accoutrement in the country.  

According to a statement signed and released by Micheal Addo Larbie, Director, GAF’s Department of Public Relations, extra measures were being adopted, following disclosures and investigations which indicated that, some miscreants were deliberately acquiring these military pattern clothing and equipment including guns, for diabolical reasons, thereby escalating tensions in some communities and placing the Armed Forces in disrepute.  

“In one of such recent occurrences, GAF arrested a man in Bawku engaged in the re-spraying of a vehicle in military pattern colours on Wednesday 21 December 2022. Also, reports indicate some persons dressed in military pattern and military colour shades of clothing, have been allegedly engaged in several criminal activities towards the end of last year and early this month. 

 These incidents have led to unsubstantiated allegations and circulation of false information in the media that military personnel were rather responsible for these acts,” the statement read. 

GAF further assured the public that its personnel were putting in all efforts to fish out these alleged perpetrators those crimes to deceive the unsuspecting public. 

“These miscreants and imposters are derailing the immense role the Ghana Armed Forces is playing in order to secure the country, restore normalcy to some conflict-prone areas, and to deter crime in various parts of the country,” the statement said. 

The GAF asked for maximum cooperation of all Ghanaians “as it puts in these stringent measures to curb the sale, wearing of military uniforms and use of military grade equipment by unauthorised persons as prohibited under NLCD 177.”  

Those who continue to violate this Decree and others who connive in this violation will be dealt with and made to face the full rigours of the law if found, it said. 

Source: GNA 

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