Not every truth has to be told – NMC

Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh – Chair, NMC

Mr Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh, Chairman of the National Media Commission (NMC) has admonished journalists in the Upper East Region to be circumspect with information they churned out in public domain.

“I am not saying you should lie. But there are certain truths that depending on the circumstances of the time, must not be disclosed. It is not every truth that has to be told.

“And even if it must be told, the way you tell it could be the difference. That is why we want to appeal to everyone here to be circumspect,” he told journalists in Bolgatanga at a meeting to revive the Regional Media Advisory Committee and to encourage journalists in the region to report on issues from Bawku with circumspection.

The five-member Committee comprised Mr Robert Ajene, Chairman, the Right Reverend Dennis Debukari Tong, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Tamale as member and Sir Alfred Abugre Ndago, a former Principal of the Saint John Bosco College of Education, member.

The rest are Mr Bob Tater, a Legal Practitioner, member and Mr Eric Kwadjo Amoh, the immediate past Chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association as member and Coordinator.

The NMC Chair said, “Once we revive the Media Advisory Committee, listen to them. Do not take any of them for granted because if you do, you do so at your own risk.”

He said the Committee was given the mandate and authorised to advise journalists and media outlets who erred in line of duty on behalf of the NMC, and called on journalists to respect the work of the Committee.

“We exist because of a Constitutional provision. We have the mandate to do the things we do, and when we approve of their work, it means that it is our decision. And none of you can challenge the decision of the NMC by way of impunity,” he said.

Mr Boadu-Ayeboafoh urged journalists in the Region to work with the Committee to serve the interest of the Region, adding that the journalists must understand the conflict situation in Bawku so they do not become tools for destruction in their quest to building the peace in the area.

Mr George Sarpong, the Executive Secretary of the NMC, stressed on the need for the work of the journalists to calm tensions in Bawku and other conflict prone zones in the  Region.

He said any child denied access to education in Bawku could become a liability to society, and if children in the area were educated, it would be beneficial to the entire country.

Mr Ajene thanked leadership of the NMC for the confidence reposed in members to continue to serve on the Advisory Committee of the Region.

He reminded journalists not to report any information that was not thoroughly investigated, “Do not also support any side when there is a controversy,” he added.

He said there were threats to close down some institutions, especially the Presbyterian Nurses Training College in Bawku if peace was not restored in the area.

“We should make sure that there is a reversal of the issue so that Bawku returns to normal life. We want Bawku to return to normal life, you can make it, take the challenge, and let us see,” Mr Ajene told the journalists.

Source: GNA

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