CPP lauds government for its economic recovery processes

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) has lauded the government for its good effort towards the nation’s economic recovery despite the global economic downturn.

“It’s clear that the nation’s economic indicators are picking up for the better and the government is doing extremely well,” Mr. Salifu Ali Dayinday, the Bono Regional Chairman of the CPP told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Sunyani on the current economic situation in the country.

He stressed the continued decline in the dollar and cedi rates, coupled with the dip in prices of petroleum products were highly appreciable, and regretted however, that “it appears despite all these positive indicators, it is not translating into reality.”

“The cost of food items, building materials and transportation still remain higher, an indication that the economic recovery processes are not translating into people’s pockets and the government needs to do more,” Mr. Dayinday stated.

He said institutional organisers ought to be more proactive to allow for the decrease of prices of fuel and the recovery of the Ghana cedi to “reflect and translate into people’s pockets to better the socio-economic live of the ordinary Ghanaian.”

“I also think that the question of the cedi-dollar coming down should see entering into 2023, maintaining it and making it even better and that would be a good sign of the government because from the initial stage life was actually very difficult for the ordinary Ghanaian”, he stated.       

Mr. Dayinday also entreated Ghanaians to be more patriotic and support the government in her efforts to stabilize the economy, saying “we shouldn’t stick to the fact that I bought it at a higher cost, so unless the old stock finishes, before I reduce my cost.

“How long should we sit down unconcerned and allow somebody to continue to use old stocks to determine prevailing prices, and these are things that I think as CPP we advise the government to critically look at the translation of its policy on the ground,” the CPP chairman indicated.

Source: GNA

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