Ghanaian graduates told to seek integrity, high skills for problem solving

Professor Kwabena Agyapong-Kodua

Reverend Professor Kwabena Agyapong-Kodua, Vice-Chancellor, Pentecost University (PU), has urged graduates to work with integrity and adopt high skills for problem solving to be successful in their respective careers.

He said many graduates from all Ghana universities disregarded good moral and ethical values and followed crooked footsteps of ungodly people.

Rev. Prof. Agyapong Koduan was addressing the University’s 14th congregation held on Saturday December 17, 2022, one the theme, “Equipping graduates to posses the nations.” The University graduated a total of 2,832 students for Masters, Bachelor, Diploma and Certificate courses.

He said students must be breast of innovative and creative thinking skills that can be applied on the job market to promote sustainable development.

He said the University’s mission was to develop resourceful and value-driven graduates, whilst generating and disseminating knowledge through research and innovation in partnership with industry, commerce and the public sector.

Rev Prof Agyapong-Kodua said in addition to the numerous degree and postgraduate programmes run by the University, the University had received accreditation to study MPhil Theology, MA Leadership and Church Administration, and MA Theology.

“Truly, we are a fully fledged University. As we speak, we have enrolled 441 Church of Pentecost (CoP) Ministers on their BA Theology programme and so far, 450 Ministers wives have been trained,” he said.

He said the vision of the University was to be a distinguished Christian University known for excellence in teaching, research and community impact.

“In terms of our corporate social responsibility to Ghana, our students were uniquely supportive. Through the chaplaincy unit, we were able to provide educational support to very deprived communities in the Afram Plains in the Eastern Region and Walewale Area in the NorthEast Region of Ghana.”

“In most of the schools we supported, there were limited number of teachers in the community and our presence there provided a great relief,” he said.

The University aligned has itself with the Ministry of Education’s drive to increase Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) education, by establishing a digital centre to pioneer research and teaching in industrial applications of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D Printing and Smart Manufacturing concepts, which are all components of much-needed Industry 4.0 initiative.

He said, they were on course with their University A+ agenda, preparing and releasing graduates who were; morally and ethically sound; distinguished academic excellence; and have the capability to solve problems.

“Our country does not need more graduates!!There are already many of them out there. So, do not just go and add to the numbers. We need graduates with integrity and high skills for solving problems. This is our University A+ agenda! Hold the touch high, and let it shine,” he said.

He advised students to eschew the traditional practice of poor attitude towards work, but be disciplined and transparent in their endeavours.

Source: GNA

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