There is the need to review payment terms to save the pharmaceutical industry – PSGH

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) has called on the management of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) to reimburse NHIS Service Providers to enable them to make outstanding payments due suppliers.

The Association said the Ministry of Finance and Bank of Ghana should urgently work with the Ghana Association of Banks to prioritize the pharmaceutical sector and support them with forex solutions and loans at preferential rates to ensure the availability of medicines.

A statement issued in Accra by Mr Samuel Kow Donkoh, President of the PSGH, said this in response to the joint press conference by the Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy (GNCoP), Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Ghana (PMAG) and Pharmaceutical Importers and Wholesalers Association (PIWA) on Thursday, October 19,2022.

At the joint press conference, the pharmaceutical group decided to supply medicines solely on cash basis due to the prevailing economic situation.

It said as the professional body of pharmacists, PSGH concern was the negative impact the unfortunate economic downturn would have on the health of patients, which was no fault of our players in the pharmaceutical sector.

The statement said the current situation had reduced the import and manufacturing capital of companies, raising a big issue of security of medicines in the country.

“There is the risk of medicines availability, lack of access to medications, increase in price of medicines, potential compromise of quality of medications and the potential increase in fake and substandard medications,” it said.

It said there was the risk of a drop in the offering of services by NHIS Service providers, indicating the risk of shortages and therefore unavailability of pharmaceuticals which would impact on progress towards Universal Health Coverage.

The statement said to the Community Pharmacists, the cost of replacement of stocks was a major issue as they needed recapitalization to maintain their dwindling stocks.

“Hospitals will be faced with shortages of medicines as they are dependent on credit from suppliers. This will impact on emergency medicines, anaesthetics as well as life- saving medicines,” it added.

The PSGH will be convening a meeting with all the relevant stakeholders to find out how support can be given to PMAG, PIWA and the Community Pharmacies, the statement added.

Source: GNA

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