Bank customers placed on alert against increasing cyber insecurities 

The adoption of simple habits such as regular change of passwords on mobile devices, deleting of browsing history, especially when using public computers and the prevention of making one’s mobile phone easily accessible to others are some ways to stay safe in the internet banking space.

Additionally, one can stay safe from cyber security fraud through regular updates of mobile phone devices, and the cleaning up or deleting of sensitive information before sending one’s phone for repairs.

Internet users and banking customers have also been cautioned to download only original software onto their phones and computers to stay ahead of criminals invading the digital and internet banking space to ensure that customers’ monies and investments remain safe.

These pieces of advice were shared during a discussion on cyber security organized as a virtual meeting by Guaranty Trust (GT) Bank Ghana Ltd for its customers.

The month of October is observed globally as National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

The theme for the bank’s virtual meeting was, “cyber security compliance, securing for digital smartness.”

It was aimed at equipping participants with information on cyber security best practices as well as the emerging trends in cyber security attacks. It was facilitated by professionals from the bank’s Information Security Group.

Hacking, social engineering, clicking on unverified emails and internet links including SMS links and WHATSAPP scam were identified as some of the prevailing trends threatening the digital space and internet banking.

Other worrying trends that came up as areas of concerns for fraudsters to gain access to people’s personal login details, passwords, and other vital financial information are the increasing links to fake investment opportunities on the internet, the takeover and intrusion of WHATSAPP groups, fake videos circulating online, online impersonation and other associated social engineering embedded with artificial intelligence.

Mr. Desmond Yaw Adusei of the GT Bank in his contribution during the discussions, said the issue of cyber security cannot be left to the Cyber Security Authority and the Bank of Ghana alone to handle but it should be the concern of the bank because they are part of the ecosystem.

According to him, as a bank, they are in possession of the banking details of individuals and companies and therefore they have to be conscious of the information of customers and are implementing the security information controls required.

Mr. Adusei noted that increasingly the banking sector is becoming paperless, new technology is emerging and trends are changing and since the bank thrives on digital banking it is committed to learning best international practices and certification in the digital banking space.

By Eunice Menka

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