Journalism Professor unhappy with abuse of media powers

Rev Prof Ampomsah

The Reverend Fr Professor Peter Nkrumah Amponsah, the Dean of Graduate Studies of the Catholic University of Ghana (CUG), has expressed disgust about the excessive abuse of ‘media rights and powers in the country.

“These abuses remain inimical to the growth and development of the country”, he stated, saying if not controlled journalists, and media outlets could lose their constitutional rights and powers.

“Though the media have the power to publish, that must be done within certain perimeters, in order not to harm their audiences”, he said.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at the University’s main campus on Monday at Fiapre, near Sunyani, Rev. Fr. Prof. Amponsah emphasised as the rudiments of journalism, the media ought to “maximise truth telling and minimise harm”.

“The work of a good journalist must not cause personal or emotional trauma to the audience. We don’t have the absolute right to publish and we must try and sieve our information for public good”, he advised.

Rev. Fr. Prof. Amponsah regretted that “outright lies, falsehood and character assignation” had taken over the media space in the country, with many journalists and media outlets deviating from their agenda setting roles and responsibilities.

“The media remain a powerful tool to push-forward societal and national development and practitioners must exercise their constitutional rights in decorum.

They must remain factual, and in doing so journalists must be able to use their skills to minimise dangers, threats and harm to the people for social benefit”, he said.

Rev. Fr. Prof. Amponsah said the media had gradually swayed from their role to inform, educate and entertain the masses and rather “tearing the nation apart” with unchecked, unbalanced and unsubstantiated reportage.

Source: GNA

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