Ghanaian businesses urged to pay attention to the export trade

Albert Kassim Diwaura

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) has entreated Ghanaian businesses to develop interest and pay attention to export trades to reap the full benefits.

Mr Albert Kassim Diwaura, Deputy Chief Executive of the Authority, who made the call, said export trade was more important now than ever, since the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which was expected to stimulate trade among African nations, has its headquarters in Accra.

He said AfCFTA, among other things, would have a positive impact on the Ghanaian economy, especially in the areas of currency stability as against major international currencies as well as the balance of trade systems.

Speaking at the opening of the GEPA Export School in Kumasi, he said the Authority had been organising training workshops for exporters to enable them obtain knowledge on contemporary exports trends to help improve Ghana’s export trade.

Among the courses taught at the GEPA Export School, according to Mr Diwaura, are e-commerce, basic bookkeeping, branding, and AfCFTA.

He said 32 exporters were being trained in the Ashanti region and called for greater collaboration and knowledge sharing among exporters to enable them to gain more insight in export ventures.

He said the implementation of the National Export Development Strategy demanded GEPA to build the capacities of traders and exporters to enable them take advantage of opportunities on the international market.

Mr. Constant Boateng, Deputy Ashanti Regional Commander of the Ghana Immigration Service, said the Service was working together with GEPA to ensure that the appropriate export trades were carried out.

He called on exporters to follow the right channels in seeking visas for their business partners and cautioned them to be wary of imposters parading to be issuing genuine visas.

Source: GNA

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