What are the odds for Ghana to win Group H?

The Black Stars

During the first part of the FIFA World Cup that will start this November, viewers will be able to see 32 teams compete across 8 different groups. This season’s eighth group—Group H—in particular, is loaded with star-studded figures as Portugal’s Christian Ronaldo, South Korea’s Heung-min Son, Uruguay’s Luis Suarez, and Ghana’s Thomas Partey will all be in the same group. Considering their powerful plays, viewers may be wondering how each represented team will fare against the other.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group H

As indicated, Portugal, South Korea, Uruguay, and Ghana will all be competing against each other in Group H. Though all of them have yet to bring home the World Cup in the 21st century,  each team has noteworthy track records in FIFA world cup history. Hence, those who are looking up 10CRIC Qatar world cup odds may consider checking out this group in particular.

For one, since 1966, Portugal was able to compete in the World Cup seven times. The national team was able to bag 3rd and 4th place in 1966 and 2006 respectively. Portugal was able to bag several wins across Hungary, Bulgaria, Brazil, and other teams over the years.

South Korea, on the other hand, appeared in the FIFA world cup ten times. The team’s biggest wins were in 2002, 2010, and 2018 when they were able to bag two victories while their opponents were left with zero wins. In such seasons, South Korea went against Poland, Greece, and Germany respectively.

Unlike the other two, Uruguay was able to bag two World Cups in 1930 and 1950 respectively. Other than that, their national team was able to win four football championships under FIFA’s umbrella. Uruguay was also able to reach the group stage three times, the round of sixteen three times, and the quarter-finals twice. Its national team’s biggest win was against Bolivia, where it won 8 to 0.

Ghana national football team in FIFA World Cup

Ghana’s National Football Team, on the other hand, is one of the leading football teams in Africa. The country was able to qualify for the FIFA World Cup a total of four times. This was in the years 2006, 2010, 2014, and now 2022.

Back in 2006, Ghana’s team was the only one from the African side that was able to move on to the second round of the World Cup 2006. While the team had the youngest average age of around 23 years old, their performance was still commendable. Ghana was ranked 13 by FIFA among the thirty-two teams that finished the tournament.

In 2010, Ghana was able to reach the quarter-finals. However, the team got defeated by Uruguay after a failed penalty shootout robbed them of their supposed victory.

If Ghana was able to successfully pass through these quarter-finals, the team would have been the first from Africa to reach the World Cup’s semi-finals. Nevertheless, Ghana was ranked 7 during the 2010 season.

In 2014, Ghana was not able to move past the group stage. The team was also not able to qualify last 2018. Hence, fans and viewers are probably wondering how Ghana will fare against its powerhouse competitors this FIFA World Cup 2022.

What to expect from Ghana in Group H

Though Ghana may not have achieved the same caliber as its competitors, the country’s team should still not be taken for granted in its place in one of the World Cup’s most competitive groups.

On November 24, Ghana’s team will compete against Portugal. While on November 28 and December 2nd, the team will go against South Korea and Uruguay respectively.

For Ghana to proceed to the next round, the team must win all three games or at least win two and end up with one draw. Many anticipate that the performance of Ghana’s first two competitors would largely depend on its star players Christian Ronaldo and Heung-Min Son.

Its last game with Uruguay, specifically, is expected to be intense because of the events of 2010. Viewers and fans may think that this 2022 FIFA World Cup is an opportunity for Ghana to bounce back from its loss in its 2010 match against Uruguay.

While it is too soon to tell how Ghana will play, the team is armed with lots of confidence as it has new and young players aboard. Several of them have also played in the Premier League before.

If Ghana can draw against one opponent and beat two others, the team may be able to move forward to the next round.

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