Justice system to be more robust, dependable, and acceptable – Chief Justice

Chief Justice Anin Yeboah

Chief Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah says training in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and other relevant programmes have been planned to make the justice system more robust, dependable, and acceptable by all.

“We have, under the national Digitisation Project, digitized court processes and documents in at least 44 courts in the country.

Today, with the use of teleconferencing equipment that we have procured, we are able to organise virtual hearings in some of our courts, with incalculable benefits for speed and convenience to all who have to interact with the judicial system.”

Chief Justice Yeboah said this in a message to mark the beginning of the 65th Legal Year on the theme: “Improving Access to justice in a Pandemic through the Use of Technology.”

He said technology was nothing without the will and commitment of those who manage it, adding, “So as we begin this legal year, I urge every one of us to renew our commitment to the calling that brought all of us here.”

According to him, it was through the use of technology that would make this year’s Legal Year theme meaningful.

Chief Justice Yeboah observed that the demands of COVID-19 pandemic brought to the fore the necessity of technology and the utilisation of digital tools to access and expand access to justice.

He was optimistic that the measures that the Judicial Service was forced to take to avoid the spread, would be able to serve staff and the entire service during the year and beyond.

Chief Yeboah indicated that as officers of the law, their work was critical to the very survival of the nations, adding that “Justice and the promise of it is the glue that keeps desperate social groups and individuals together.

The idea that there is an institution that is fair, even handed and predictable is what keeps us from chaos and gives us the peace of mind to pursue success and happiness.”

“Let us remember that the justice system rests on our daily actions and so we should endeavour to make those actions place it in the best possible light,” he added.

Source: GNA

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