What is a public bet in sports betting?

Public betting is becoming an integral part of the betting industry worldwide. The same opinions give rise to the same predictions and bets on them. And that’s where it’s worth wondering: what percentage of players actually beat a bookmaker’s office? The answer to this question will also be the path to answering the question whether it is worth using a Public Bet or it is better to refuse to bet on such a match at all.

The public bet is characterized by the fact that a large number of players bet on the obvious outcome of a match. Here is a concrete example: a clear favorite plays a game against an underdog. The favorite team is extremely popular, and the outcome of the match at first glance is a sure card, and this leads to a wave of bets on the undoubted winner for the fans.

Naturally, the bookmaker reacts by lowering the odds for the stronger team, say, from 1.07-1.09 to 1.02, and correspondingly by increasing the odds for the underdog. The reason for changing the odds was a huge public interest in a particular variant of the outcome.

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Many players use this strategy regularly, betting on their favorite team. On the one hand, it is almost a win-win bet, but it should be kept in mind that the odds for such outcomes are small, and to win significant funds, you need to bet large amounts. In addition, once this option is not played, the player may immediately lose a lot more money, so the strategy, in the long run, is a losing one.

The peculiarities of a public bet

Public bets are a very dangerous and very profitable phenomenon for bookmakers. It is very rare for a Public Bet to arise from nothing: usually the bookmaker correctly calculates the chances of the teams in his initial quotations. Then there are adjustments depending on some new information. A sudden change in odds that occurs against the backdrop of Internet match prediction hysteria is an anomaly.

According to this scheme in the match with the leader, it is necessary to bet on the outsider. This strategy cannot be used constantly — it is necessary to look for a convenient moment when the favorite will not be in shape or the game will not have a special tournament value for him, and the outsider, on the contrary, is extremely motivated. In this case, even with a small deposited amount, it is possible to pull off a big score.

Many players ignore such matches. They can be understood – for the sake of a paltry win you have to risk large sums or bet on the underdog, expecting that he has to make a shot sometime.

One should consider the impact of the public bet on the outcome of the match. All players, including the team leader, are also interested in betting and may relax after seeing a huge number of bets on their victory with minimal odds, while underdogs, on the contrary, will want to prove to everyone that no one bets on them out of blue and put the best performance of their life.


The very notion of public bet arises most often with a small number of sporting events for betting. For example, two or three football games are played on the same day. The Internet, of course, is full of all kinds of predictions for all these games, parsing them up and down.

There is a situation where the vast majority of predictions in one form or another converge to the same bet in a single game (win, win with a handicap, IT more than 1.0, etc.). As a result, bookmakers get a large volume of bets on such matches, significantly lower odds, and, as a consequence, attract even more of the same bets by this movement of quotations. It is a public bet.

Every strategy сan be held accountable and different roads lead to success, but it is advisable to have your approach based on your expertise, and ability to analyze and use the information and experience of others. Often the best strategy is a combination of different options, including public bets, the main thing is to do everything in the nick of time.

FAQ: What strategy can better apply when betting?

According to this scheme, in a match with the leader, you need to bet on the outsider. This strategy cannot be used all the time, you have to look for a good moment when the favorite is out of shape or the game will not be of any special tournament importance for him, and the outsider, on the contrary, is highly motivated. In this case, even with a small amount paid, it is possible to pull off a big score.

What is a public bet and why it’s risky?

Public bets can cause the favorite to get in the wrong mood for the game, and at the same time force the underdog to show their strength to silence the skeptics.

First of all, you have to be wary of public bets in friendly matches. It is an unintelligible element: coaches experiment with the lineup, players perform untypical roles, there are tasks specifically to create a situation of losing in the course of the match. Any public bet on a friendly game is extremely dangerous.

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