New tariffs will affect the hospitality industry – Operators

Some hotel operators in Tamale have expressed worry about the upward adjustment of utility tariffs announced by the Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC) saying it will affect their operations and put undue pressure on their businesses.

Mr Issah Abdul Karim, Manager of Gariba Lodge in Tamale told the Ghana News Agency in Tamale that the utility bills of the hotels would increase, even though patronage has been unstable since Covid 19 outbreak.

He said when the bills shoot up, it would be passed on to customers, which would further reduce patronage, a situation which might result in loss of jobs in the industry.

Already, the hotel industry is grappling with effects from Covid 19, which resulted in the restrictions on movements, especially at international level, leading to several job losses.

Mr Karim urged the government to intervene and get the PURC and the utility companies to reconsider reducing the percentage increment on the tariffs to promote hotel business and create employment in the country.

Mr Emmanuel Adjei, Manager of Modern City Hotel, said citizens would be willing to pay the new tariffs if only the utility companies would improve on service delivery.

Source: GNA

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