University of Ghana suspends leadership of Commonwealth Hall

The University of Ghana Council has suspended the Hall Master and Senior Tutor of the Commonwealth Hall for their inaction that caused the clash between students of their hall and that of Mensah Sarbah Hall.

“The Hall Master and Senior Tutor of Commonwealth Hall have not exhibited sufficient willingness and ability to hold students of the hall accountable for their actions in the recent violent clashes.

“These officers should therefore, in the interim, be relieved of their duties while management works with the security services to investigate the clashes, and works towards finding lasting solutions to the tensions between students of the two halls,” the Council said.

A statement signed by Mrs Emelia Agyei-Mensah, Registrar of the University and published on its website, said the decisions were taken in line with Sections 16 (2) and 22 (1a) of the University of Ghana Act, 2010, Act 806, and Section 9 (i) of the University’s statutes, which enjoined the University Council to safeguard the good name and values of the University.

The statement said Commonwealth Hall would be surcharged with the cost of damages to property in the vicinity of Mensah Sarbah Hall, in the recent clashes.

It said, “the Junior Common Room Presidents of Commonwealth and Mensah Sarbah Halls should be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for Junior Members for their actions and inactions leading to and after the riots.”

The statement recommended that the composition of Commonwealth and Mensah Sarbah Halls be reviewed and that management of the two affected halls were to be held accountable for their actions and inactions for the persistent riots.

“No events organised by students should be held for the remainder of the 2021/2022 academic year without the express approval of the Dean of Student Affairs.

“Students who are offered places in halls of residence should be made to sign undertakings to be of good behaviour,” it added.

To ensure accountability of hall officials to the University authorities, the statement said the Vice-Chancellor should appoint key officers in all halls of residence based on recommendations from the halls in a similar way that heads of department were appointed.

It said a standard procedure for the election or appointment of hall officials should be addressed in the ongoing revisions to the University’s Statutes.

The statement said management of the University was in the process of implementing the decisions of Council, and providing assistance to the Ghana Police Service in their investigations to identify the perpetrators.

The police, it added, were assisting management of the University to ensure that the implementation of the actions did not lead to further rioting on the University’s campus.

Management of the University assured members of the University community that it would continue to put in place measures to ensure that academic work and other activities proceed smoothly.

It said an online portal had been provided for submission of tips, names, documents, pictures and videos that would help bring the perpetrators of the clashes to book.

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Source: GNA

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