Government will ensure Armed Forces deal decisively with terror threats — Akufo-Addo

President Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo says Government would ensure the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) deals decisively with terrorism and other emerging threats to the country’s territorial integrity.

He said the threat of terrorism was a clear and present danger, and the Government was determined to deal with the problem, which has engulfed other countries in the West African region.

The President gave that assurance on Friday at the graduation parade ceremony of the Ghana Military Academy Regular Career Course 61 at the Ghana Military Academy and Training School at Teshie, near Accra.

One hundred and sixty one cadets, including five foreign students graduated at the parade after completing almost two years of grueling military training. The Ghanaians cadets were commissioned as fully-fledged officers into the GAF by the President.

The foreign cadets would be commissioned by their respective Heads of State when they return their home countries.

President Akufo-Addo reemphasised that owing to the new threats being witnessed in the region, security issues cannot be business as usual.

The Government, he said, had approved the expansion of the Ghana Armed Forces to cater for those threats.

“The strategic expansion and modernisation of the Ghana Armed Forces in line with the threat analysis and the acquisition of the requisite equipment, logistics, infrastructure development and increase in manpower, are being pursued vigorously.

“We are determined to equip our Armed Forces to deal with the contemporary threats in the region as well as other internal security challenges and contain security threats from violent extremists and terrorists groups along our Northern boarders,” the President said.

President Akufo-Addo called on the newly commissioned officers to help to guarantee the territorial integrity and development of the country.

He urged them to be guided by the principles of service, selflessness in safeguarding the interest of the state.

“The interest of the state should be always paramount throughout your career. Your actions and inactions as officers could have dire consequences for the armed forces amd the entire nation.

“You must uphold professionalism at all times whilst demonstrating patriotism, discipline and responsiveness while dealing with operation exigencies. Ghana expects nothing less,” he said.

The President reminded them that the GAF had maintained a healthy relation with the civilian population and they should not deviate from that.

“I am reminding you today that your commissioning to the armed forces places a great responsibility on you to guard against the temptation of using the uniform to intimidate your civilian counterparts who are your natural partners in the development of our nation.

” I entreat you to put into practice the qualities of good leadership instilled in you at the academy, lead exemplary lives and ensure the men and women under your command do the same,” he said.

A number of cadets were award prizes for excelling in the training.

Flight Cadet Elizabeth Ursula Amedimwole received the Chief of the Air Stafff award, for being over all best Air Force Cadet.

The Chief of the Naval Staff’s Award – Sextant Award, was awarded to Junior-Under-Officer Aggrey Benedict Ekow Adjaye.

Senior-Under-Officer Emmanuel Appiah – Hanson was awarded the Chief of the Army Staff’s Award.

The Academic Cane, awarded to the Officer Cadet adjudged best in Academic Studies of the Regular Career Course 61, went to Aggrey Benedict Ekow Adjaye.

Junior-Under-Officer Asare Kofi Adom was awarded the Military Cane for being the best best in Military Studies.

The Sword of Honour, awarded to the best all round Officer Cadet in the Regular Career Course, went as Cadet Officer Emmanuel Appiah-Hanson.

Source: GNA

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