How to buy Tesla stock

Elon Musk, one of the world’s wealthiest men, is the owner of the company Tesla Inc. It is one of the largest car companies worldwide that deals with electric cars. As a stock trader, if you are looking to buy a stock, you may want to consider buying Tesla stock when the price is low.

Although purchasing the stock does not guarantee the price will always go up since stocks are known to interchange between dipping and rising price valuation. You can check the TSLA stock forecast to know the price movement of the stock. Nevertheless, we will guide you on how to add the company to your portfolio.

Five (5) Steps on how to buy Tesla stock (TSLA)

If you want to buy Tesla stock, below are the steps to follow:

Open a Trading Account

Conduct Extensive Research

Make Your Decision

Know the Amount to Invest

Evaluate the Investment

Open a trading account

Purchasing a Tesla stock is impossible unless you already have a trading account. However, it is essential to open with the best brokerage company for you that has the necessary tools and does not charge a fee for not being active. Ensure to research many brokerage companies and sign up with the one that has the best offer. When signing up with a broker, some things worth considering include the tools, charges, and user experience.

Conduct extensive research

It is essential to conduct extensive research on anything you want to lay your hand upon, like the Tesla stock, which is why the Tesla stock forecast is vital. Purchasing Tesla stock implies buying a part of the company; therefore, researching the fundamentals is paramount. You can check the company’s income statement, ratings, and balance sheet. Also, consider those competing with the company and how it is being managed. All this information is obtainable on the internet. Once you are done with your research, you can proceed to the next step.

Make your decision

Your research will determine whether you should buy the stock or not. If your research indicates that the company’s valuation will increase, you should buy the stock. However, otherwise, you may want to avoid the stock for the main time. Also, when investing in Tesla stock, keep a diversified portfolio. At least in case of any unfortunate events, you will not become bankrupt since you invested in other assets like cryptocurrencies, Forex, and mutual funds. Make sure to regulate the amount you will be investing into the TSLA stock by considering the amount you have invested into your diversified portfolio.

Know the amount to invest

Depending on the Tesla stock forecast, you need to know the amount of money you are willing to invest into the stock. The company’s performance will determine how heavily you invest in the stock. Ensure to separate the money you reserved for emergencies from those you invest. You can invest between 500 dollars to 1000 dollars as a beginner based on professional suggestions. If you intend to invest your emergency fund, do not make the mistake of investing it in individual companies. Invest in something with a huge yield that you can easily access the money anytime you need it.

Also, if you are a short-term investor, you may want to overlook investing in Tesla stock. Tesla stock is for long-term investors. Therefore, you should not need the money you will invest soon. Also, it is not necessary to buy a whole Tesla stock since there is an option of going for a fractional stock if you do not have much in your account. You can buy just a fractional part of the company.

Evaluate the investment

After investing in Tesla stock, whether you bought the whole or fractional stock, it is vital to evaluate how it is occasionally doing. Using the annualized percentage returns, you can start by comparing the performance of the stock you bought after a year with that of other companies. The benchmark for stock comparison is the S&P 500, so you may want to compare it with Tesla stock to check the performance. Also, you can check the Tesla stock forecast and other related financial information to check if the stock is moving as intended. The evaluation result will determine what you should do with the stock.


Certain factors will determine whether you should buy Tesla stock. Before purchasing the stock, ensure that your long-term goal aligns with the stock performance and the level of risk you are willing to take. If you are eager to get the stock, the five steps discussed above are easy to obtain a portion of the company. Also, you can check Tesla stock forecasts from many financial analysts before deciding to buy the stock.

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