Councilor urges government to address school dropout among boys

Daniel Fenyin, Member, Ghana National Association of Certified Councilors has urged government to address school dropout menace in the country’s schools, particularly among boys.

A survey conducted by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) in 2017 and 2018 indicated that more boys dropped out of school compared to girls.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview, Mr. Fenyin, noted that school dropout, which continues to be an issue of concern, lacked the necessary attention.

He expressed worry about the rate at which pupils and students, particularly boys, dropped out of school and attributed the situation to poverty, peer pressure and lack of parental control.

“When you are coming from a poor home or a home that depends or looks up to you to bring something home, you are likely to engage in all forms of activities that will bring money home.” He said.

He asserted that the survey from the GSS revealed more school dropouts among boys than girls at every level from the kindergarten level through to Junior High School and beyond.

Mr. Fenyin emphasized that the situation deserved national attention. “There is the need for some intervention in order to retain the boys at school while ensuring gender parity among boys and girls at school.”

The Councilor also advised parents to play responsible roles in the upbringing of their children.

He said, “it is necessary for school children to enjoy the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) and called on parents to assist their children’s education.”

“Let us keep our eyes on the boys and escort them to school and avoid compelling them to work. Let us monitor and see if they follow their friends and peers out of school.”

Meanwhile, the Korle Klottey Municipal Education Directorate (KKMED) has commenced the implementation of some measures to address the problem.

According to Ms Patricia Abotsi, Girls Education Officer, KKMED, despite the encouraging boys enrolment in schools, they ended up dropping out of school, engaging in social vices and internet fraud, popularly known as “sakawa,” and attributed this to lack of attention and counselling as they stumbled on the educational ladder.

Ms Abotsi said much attention had been given to girls in the quest to encourage and increase enrolment, adding that there had been so much complacency in boy child education, which was becoming a big problem.

“Formerly, we secluded the girls and have talks with them educating and motivating them and then leave the boys to either play football or do whatever they like. So we realize that the boys not being unattended to is now leading to so many vices such as the “sakawa” and betting that we are experiencing now,” she said.

Ms Abotsi said School Based Coordinators in the Municipality had been sensitized to move along with the boys as well, give them the platform to also get the motivation or the encouragement given to the girls, in order to retain them in school and become successful.

She was hopeful, the measures taken by the Directorate would complement government’s effort to address the menace.

Source: GNA

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