Ghana asked to incorporate sign language into basic education curriculum

Mrs. Vivian Ama Aubyn, Disability Advocate, has called for Ghanaian Sign Language (GSL) to be incorporated into the Basic Education curriculum to help strengthen socialization and belongingness among the deaf population.

She indicated that the absence of of sign language in the curriculum was a major factor in the increased stigmatisation, marginalisation, and linguistic discrimination particularly against deaf children.

She made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on recommendations needed to safeguard the health, socialization, and safety of Persons With Disability (PWDS).

She said schools lacked a clear policy standardising on the use of sign language in both mainstream and special schools for the deaf.

This, she believed, had thrown teaching, and learning into disarray where teachers adopted varying approaches they deemed convenient for themselves.

He explained that if the use of sign language could get a legal backing as part of efforts to ensure disability inclusion in the Ghanaian society, it will address the problem of stigmatisation and improve socialisation among the populace.

On the provision of disability friendly facilities, she said ramps, elevators, parking lots and all other necessary equipment must be made readily available for PWDs to take advantage of.

She noted hat, disabled school children must in no way be exempted from actively participating in sporting activities in schools if their conditions could allow them.

Mrs Aubyn who is also a Board Member of The Psykforum, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), said going forward, derogatory names, stigmatisation and all forms of exploitations leveled against PWDs must attract sanctions urging the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembles to draft by-laws that seek to protect the marginalized in the society.

“No child or person should be killed as a result of their disability, no sexual exploitation for one’s financial gains, let us stop describing PWDs by their conditions while they have name.”

This she noted was the right thing to do if indeed, the country was bent to create a stigma free Ghana.

The recommendations, she said must be an awakening call for all, particularly law makers to make Ghana a conducive place for all.

Mrs Aubyn urged all disability champions not to relent on their stance when it came to disability safety, health, and inclusions.

Source: GNA

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