Howard French urges revision of university systems for African youth

Howard French

Africa must revise its university systems to help achieve the Pan Africanism goal instead of learning from foreign education, Mr Howard W. French, a journalist and author of “Born in Blackness,” has said.

“Africans must review the university systems, avoid foreign education and tell the youth what Africa represent to enable them tell their stories,” Mr French said

Mr French was speaking at a day’s programme christened “Beyond the Return Conversations” with Diasporans at Elmina, to launch his fifth book, “Born in Blackness.”

The conversation was centred on the topic: “Africa, Africans and the Making of Modern World; 1417 to the Second World War.

Mr French said Africans need their own power to find ways to integrate themselves and dream like the late Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first President who fought tirelessly for their freedom.

The author noted that Africa needed to unite, see each other as a resource to be able to solve its own problems without the help of anyone.

Africans must initiative better ways to overcome anti-tradition, be productive and understand that they were people with equal value.

Discussing foreign aid, Mr French explained that Africa can excel and develop tremendously without seeking aid from foreigners who tend to demand huge ransom from them.

He noted that it was paramount Africans traded among themselves, have their own drive towards understanding and dealing with the reality.

“Don’t be deceived by Europeans when they say they don’t need Africa, in the years to come they will need your young generation for their growth,” he said.

Mr French tasked Africans to encourage and strengthen the bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of African ancestry.

Rabbi Kohain Halevi, the Executive Director of Pan-African-Historical-Theatre- Festival (PANAFEST) Foundation, in a remark said the book ‘Born in Blackness’ was a whole concept Africans need to focus and reflect on to effect a positive change.

He urged Africans to accept their colour and race and free themselves from mental slavery.

Mr Halevi called on them to help change the negative narrative by instilling the spirit of Africanism in the younger generation.

The Executive Director, charged Africans to revive their spirit, renew their minds and build the Africa they wanted.

Source: GNA

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