Treason trial: Esther did not say the President should be killed — Defense counsel

Mr Lamtiig Apanga, Defense counsel for Warrant Officer Class Two (WOII), the only female among the ten people accused of plotting to overthrow the government has said that his client did not say the President should be killed.

He told the High Court presided over by a three-panel-judge that there is no evidence supporting the claim.

In a Cross-examination of Detective Chief Inspector Mr Michael Nkrumah, the investigator and the thirteenth prosecution’s witness, Mr Lamtiig said in a video dated July 8, 2018, in which Esther appeared with others having a meeting (the only meeting she attended) over the purported plot, she did not utter those words.

Mr Nkrumah disagreed that Esther attended only a meeting on July 8, 2018, but said she also attended another on June 22, 2018, adding that Sule, Nii Ankrah and Sergeant Nantorna, all prosecution’s witnesses testified she was also at the June 22, 2018, meeting.

In a rebuttal, Mr Lamtiig said prosecution just separated one video to make it look like two just to mislead the Court.

Defense counsel said WOII Saan was a caterer with the Ghana Armed Forces, who did not have control over ammunitions, amoury nor a troop or men in the military, with the witness answering, yes but said Bright Alan Debrah personal assistant of Dr Frederick Mac Palm, the alleged brain behind the plot, contacted Esther to help him recruit soldiers for the overthrow of the government.

He said his client even attended the meeting without knowing the purpose, but Mr Nkrumah said it was Esther who informed Sergeant Sule Kwadwo Awarf, the star prosecution’s witness, and the one who made the recordings of the meetings about the alleged plot.

He said aside Esther introducing Sule to Debrah, she did nothing else in furtherance of the alleged plot, but the investigator said it was not true because she attended meetings to also discuss the alleged overthrow of the government.

Mr Lamtiig said his client was not tasked to recruit soldiers in respect of the alleged plot, but the investigator said Esther, after recruiting Sule asked him (Sule) to also recruit others for the purpose.

Again, he enquired whether prosecution retrieved any weapons from Esther upon her arrest, whether she was part of the Take Action Ghana’s WhatsApp platform or ever met with the others at the Citadel Hospital belonging to Dr Mac Palm and the witness answered no.

WOII Saan is standing trial together with Dr Mac Palm, Donya Kafui, Debrah, Johannes Zikpi, Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli, Corporal Seidu Abubakar, Lance Airforce Corporal Ali Solomon, Corporal Sylvester Akankpewon and Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr Benjamin Agordzo.

They have been charged with offences, including conspiracy to commit crime, high treason, possession of weapons and abetment.

All the ten have pleaded not guilty to their respective charges.

Source: GNA

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