Tips: How to choose a good hotel abroad 

Finding a hotel for your vacation can be time consuming. Sometimes it’s hard to do without advice. Hotel reservations are a very important part of leisure planning, as is the choice of Betwinner Ghana. This can have a huge impact on your vacation and overall expenses if they are not chosen forever. Due to the variety of options available on the Internet, the task of booking a hotel is becoming a bit preferable. Here are some tips for deciding the right hotel for you.

The main method of reducing the cost of living is to select the area and get closer to the center. The same conditions in the city center and on the outskirts may differ in price. The second indispensable way to reduce the cost is to pick an apartment, not a hotel. If you are ready to prepare breakfast, and you do not need a 24-hour reception, then this is your option.

Booking time plays an essential role. Booking a hotel is not like booking an airplane, the lowest prices can be obtained at the last minute. So I book in advance to know where I will sleep, and if at the last moment I find something very interesting in appearance and price, I use the possibility of free cancellation. If you are looking for a hotel on the coast, it is worth doing it in person on the spot. You can always appreciate the real view from the window, bargain with the owner, etc. I personally do not leave the choice to the last moment, but it is a matter of character, not method.

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The star of the hotel

The level of quality of the hotel is determined differently in different countries. And the standards are different in all countries. For example, a four-star hotel in reality may be barely suitable for a three-star category. In addition, it may be that a three-star hotel will suit you better than a refined five-star, at least for the reason that you do not want to follow the dress code required in a high-level hotel.

Do not chase the number of stars, they do not always indicate quality. How to determine whether a good quality hotel? With the help of the Internet, or according to the reviews of those who have already rested there. You can read a lot of comments of vacationers on the Internet about their attitude to a hotel. But we warn that usually comments on the Internet are written by those who are dissatisfied, and their reviews do not always reflect the real situation in the hotel.


There are the following categories of food: “All inclusive”, FB – full board (three meals a day), HB – half board (two meals a day), BB – services include breakfast only. But just having breakfast doesn’t mean the hotel is bad. Just in European cities, there are many cafés and restaurants, and among tourists it is customary to eat in such establishments.

If you go on vacation to exotic countries, be sure to ask the waiters what food you will be fed. It is better to prefer hotels such as FB or HB, to protect yourself and not worry about the quality of food you will be served in other restaurants.

European features

When going on vacation to a European country, study the conditions and features of its hotel system. For example, hotels in Italy or Spain do not provide for 80% of their stay in the hotel. Therefore, there are often no animation programs or other entertainment services. Therefore, when choosing a hotel in Europe, it is better to focus on its location and proximity to the sea.


If your choice is a passive vacation by the sea, then most of the time you will spend on the hotel or on the beach. In this case, it is important to consider, above all, the quality of food and hotel services. When traveling with children, ask yourself, foremost, whether the selected hotel provides meals for children. It is also worth learning about the availability of entertainment programs and caregivers. In modern hotels abroad, such services should be provided.

If your vacation is a continuous journey and the discovery of new places, and your main requirement for the hotel. The availability of a bed, then for you the parameter when picking a hotel should be the convenience of its location so that it was easy to reach.

Questions and answers

Is it possible to make a hotel reservation?

So. Call the owner in advance and select a number.

Can I bargain?

No. Most hotels are not affordable.

Can I save on accommodation?

So. There are many budget hotels and hostels.

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