Oguaa installs new Paramount Queenmother

Obaahemaa Ekua Abookye VI

The chiefs and people of Oguaa in the Cape Coast Metropolis have successfully installed a new queen-mother for the town.

Known in private life as Mrs Felicia Abena Prempeh Sencherey, Obaahemaa Ekua Abookye VI succeeded the late queen mother, Nana Abookye V, whose death left the stool vacant for some years.

Nana Revered Canon John Kwesi Mensah, the Supreme Head of Ebiradze Family, performed the sacred traditional rites to seal her queenship and recognition.

He told the people of the town to revere and support her to help push the development of the town to the next level, emphasising that any family or clan that undermined its tradition and culture would attract ancestral anger that could have devastating effects on the people.

Obaahemaa Abookye expressed gratitude to the chiefs and people for the opportunity to serve them and pledged to do her best for the wellbeing of Oguaaman.

She said her general outlook towards solving the challenges of the traditional area would be centered on four thematic areas: teenage pregnancy, parenthood and parenting, children’s welfare and streetism, as well as women empowerment.

The Obaahemaa noted that the rate of teen pregnancies in the Metropolis could not be glossed over, hence called on stakeholders, particularly parents, to protect their girls and prioritise their education to secure them a better future.

“Parenthood and parenting in Oguaa must be looked at, parents have given enough freedom and rights to their children to do whatever they want without supervision,” she said.

The Queenmother said it would be impossible to achieve her vision without the support of her subjects and called on them to bury their differences and forge ahead in unity.

“Let us, among other things, teach our children good manners, our history, heritage, responsibilities, and moral values to shape their future for the better.”

She encouraged parents to prioritise their children’s welfare, being the future custodians of Oguaa and the world at large.

On women empowerment, Obaahemaa Abookye said she would help equip the girl-child with employable skills through technical and vocational training and encourage female entrepreneurs to form partnerships to build stronger businesses.

She called on the youth to ensure unity among themselves, love and respect each other to enable them to develop Oguaa to become a place of choice for all.

Source: GNA

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