ECG extends debt payment to five years for Krobo customers

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has offered customers within the Krobo District five years repayment period to clear all their indebtedness to the company instead of the initial two-year arrangement.

Mr. Emmanuel Akinie, ECG Tema Regional General Manager who announced this at a stakeholder’s engagement at Krobo-Odumase explained that the new repayment arrangement was a result of a series of meetings and pleas from the indebted customers, Management decided to extend the payment period.

He added that ECG Management had ring-fenced the debt instead of running to 2014, now the Krobo customers who are in debt have up to 2017 to clear the debt.

Mr. Akinie said the ECG Management also decided to set aside the migrating of the existing debt unto the prepaid meters as often done, as a special offer for the Krobo customers.

“One of the protocols is to migrate existing debt on the post-paid meters unto the prepaid meter which is then used to manage the debt, however, this protocol has been waived for customers within the Krobo district that is to say that ECG management has decided not to use the prepaid meters to manage the payment of the debt in Krobo District,” he said.

“However, after recent engagements which also involved National Security and others, ECG Management has decided to reschedule the debt from two years to a period of five years, it is therefore expected that all customers will visit our office for debt schedule arrangement outside the prepaid meter install meters,” he stated.

Mr Akinie said. they would sit down with every customer to determine how much must be paid on a monthly or weekly basis depending on how flexible it would be for the customer and ECG.

He disclosed that the Company had been undergoing the process of replacing all post-paid meters with pre-paid in the Krobo district with a pre-installation survey on about 3,000 meters in the Kpong and Kporgunor area, adding that the exercise would be extended to the other areas.

“We also started with the physical prepaid installation sometime last week. So far as Wednesday, May 04, 2022, we have been able to install 25 prepaid meters for residential and non-residential customers, the team is continuing with the installation,” he revealed.

According to him, the first 25 customers who were now using pre-paid meters in the district could testify to the effect that they had been able to purchase power successfully, an indication that their prepaid meters were not being used to manage the debts from the post-paid meters.

Source: GNA

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