Ghanaians told to put national interest above personal gains

Rev Tettey

The Rev Benjamin Tettey, Associate Pastor, Ring Way Gospel Centre, Assemblies of God, Osu has advised Ghanaians to emulate Jesus Christ’s sacrificial nature by putting the national interest above personal gains.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency on Easter “Resurrection Sunday”, he explained that being sacrificial in nature required selflessness and giving careful thought to the outcome of one’s actions before taking them.

“Let us all, from the leadership down to the citizenry, embrace the spirit of sacrifice. We must think of others when taking any step regarding the nation.”

“Do not focus on yourself alone and what you can derive from your privileged positions but rather, let us operate with a generational mindset of selflessness and sacrifice,” he said.

Rev Tettey said Jesus’s life on earth was to point humans to God as the Almighty One in whom they should trust.

He therefore encouraged citizens not to fret over the current hardships facing the nation but to rely fully on God to see them through.

“Throughout Christ’s stay here on earth, He taught us to trust more in God. This is because our human strength and abilities have a limit but God cannot be limited by any circumstance. Our dependence must be on Him alone,” he said.

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb on the third day after his crucifixion. It is the fulfilled prophecy of the Messiah who would be persecuted, die, and rise on the third day, according to Isaiah 53.

Easter follows a period of fasting called Lent, in which many churches set aside time for repentance and remembrance. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ crucifixion.

The 40-day period was established by Pope Gregory 1 using the 40-day pattern of Israel, Moses, Elijah, and Jesus’ time in the wilderness.

The week leading up to Easter is called The Holy Week, or “Passion Week”, and includes Palm Sunday (the day Jesus entered Jerusalem and was celebrated), Maundy Thursday (the “Last Supper” where Jesus met with his disciples to observe Passover), and Good Friday (when Jesus would be crucified on the cross).

Source: GNA

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