Ghana Police launches operation to check road traffic violations by motorcycle riders

The Ghana Police Service has launched a special operation to ensure strict compliance to motor traffic regulations by motorcycle riders in the country.

Christened Operation PAARI (Police Action Against Rider Indiscipline), the special exercise would involve the deployment of teams of police riders with body cameras to monitor the conduct of riders at major intersections and other strategic locations.

The initiative, which has multiple components, would be introduced in phases, a stgatement issued by the Police and signed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Kwesi Ofori Director-General, Public Affairs said.

It said the first component of the operation, which had been rolled out, involved the deployment of teams of Police riders, who would follow offending riders and arrest them at convenient and safe locations.

Such riders would be prosecuted, named, and shamed, the statement said.

Indiscipline among motorcycle riders, including the jumping red traffic lights, the non-wearing of crash helmets and general disregard for road traffic regulations, according to the Police had become the major cause of road traffic accidents in the country.

Current available data on road traffic accidents indicates that motorcycles were the leading cause of road accident-related deaths and the second leading cause of injuries in the country.

The statement said the Police had recognized the multi-stakeholder responsibility for dealing with the matter and would continue to engage all stakeholders in trying to find a solution to the problem.

The statement cautioned the riding public to be self-disciplined and follow traffic regulations.

“We are, as usual, counting on the support of the public to make this programme a success,” it said.

Source: GNA

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