Constitutionalism holds together the aspirations of the Republic – Yonny Kulendi

Justice Yonny Kulendi

Justice Yonny Kulendi, a Judge at the Supreme Court has said constitutionalism was a necessary legal element not only for the quality of law and governance, but also to hold together the aspirations of the country.

“As a country we must recognize the fact that constitutionalism does not merely exist from the size of Parliament, the number of judges on the Supreme Court or the colour of our police uniform.

“Besides, constitutionalism is not simply affirmed by the large number of lawyers we intend to call to the Bar. We must watch closely the quality and purpose of everything we intend to undertake as a country,” he stated.

Mr Kulendi made the statement at the second Students Representative Council (SRC) lecture and the launch of the 62nd Law Week of the Ghana School of Law at GIMPA in Accra.

It was on the theme: “Constitutionalism: The Case of Ghana”

Mr Kulendi asked: “What is the quality of our laws and institutions? Are there any limitations on official power and authority and what is the quality of such limitations? To what extent are these limitations deployed by citizens and upheld by appropriate institutions and persons including the courts?”

He said the case of Re-Akoto had provided lessons, adding that; “We cannot as a country fail to understand that the protection of human rights is important, and that judicial duty properly performed should not demote citizen’s hope and optimism of the country in the protection of fundamental rights and freedom.

“Again, judicial duty should not be performed to negate the realities of good governance in the State. The hope for the true actualization of constitutionalism is in all of us and we all must stay alive to its callings and demands,” he stated.

Mr Philip Jude Mensah, Deputy Commissioner of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) who represented the Commissioner General of the GRA urged the law students to take up taxation seriously.

He said this GRA would introduce electronic VAT, e-commerce, and online filing of taxes and that the practice of taxation was huge and encouraged the students to assist the tax administration to deliver its mandate effectively.

“This would ensure that all tax payers are given a fair deal when they are engaging with the tax authorities,” he stated.

Mr Wonder Victor Kutor, the SRC President of the Ghana School of Law, who launched the 62nd Academic Law Week said it would be recalled that the intake ‘2’ known as “499” because of their situation their lecture period was narrowed to take the same exam as their colleague who started last year.

“They are writing their Bar exams in June together with their colleagues. So, management took a view that lectures would not be suspended during the Law Week and since that we scheduled our activities such that other campuses and those in the other streams can also benefit,” he said.

Mr Kutor stated: “Only for us to be told last Sunday that mock exams would be during this period and as a result of that lectures have been suspended, but mock is currently going on.”

Source: GNA

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