Why is Ghana importing $45m worth of stamps from Malta? A Tweeter asks

A man who describes himself as teacher in training and journalist on Twitter sent a tweet yesterday April 4, 2022 asking why Ghana imports $45 million worth of postage stamps from Malta. Apparently, most Ghanaians have no idea the country spends that much importing postage stamps – in response most are expressing surprise and questioning what exactly that is, because as some have reacted, not many people post letters by the post office.

Loukas Christodoulou tweeted “Weird question, I know, but does anyone have any idea why Ghana imports $45m worth of postage stamps from Malta?”

He went on to ask the Maltese government why it exports so much stamps. He didn’t get a response from them, even though he tagged the government handle in the tweet. However, TomatoSoup carried on the conversation and dug out more information, linking complicated transactions in gold and bond certificates.

The tweet led to a thread where TomatoSoup provided some context and more information.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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