Let’s work together to ensure global food security – IMF MD

Kristalina Georgieva (left) and Ali bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari

Madam Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director (MD) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has urged world leaders at the 20th Doha Forum to work together to ensure global food security.

Speaking during a panel discussion on the topic “Economic Crises and Coordinated Global Recovery Efforts: Towards An Inclusive Multilateralism”, Madam Georgieva warned that global economic crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine war could lead to civil unrest across the world.

“Trouble travels. When food prices jump, poor people can’t feed their families, this is a social issue. Let’s work together to ensure global food security.” – Madam Georgieva stated.

She cautioned that when people could not feed their families, they would soon be on the streets; saying “one thing we know about trouble in one place, it travels, it doesn’t stay there.”

Madam Georgieva urged nations to cooperate to fill the energy and commodities gaps created by the Russia-Ukraine war.

“Oil producers, gas producers and food producers today are in a position to help reduce this uncertainty,” she said.

Mr Ali bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari, Qatari Minister of Finance, said: “We need stable and fair prices that can be supported by the supplier as well as the buyer. This is what our interest is in the long term.”

Source: GNA

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