DNA Consultant tenders forensic DNA report in former Abuakwa North MP murder trial

The Late Joseph Boakye Danquah

A DNA Analyst has testified in the case in which two persons are standing trial for the murder of J.B. Danquah Adu, Abuakwa North former Member of Parliament.

Dr. Kenneth Frimpong, a scientist, tendered in a DNA Forensic Report as evidence.

So far, the State has tendered into evidence two reports – the Postmortem report and DNA Forensic report.

The seventh prosecution witness said he had come across the name Daniel Asiedu, one of the accused persons standing trial.

According to the DNA Consultant, he came across the name of Daniel Asiedu in respect of the analysis he conducted for the Ghana Police Service.

“I have come across the name in relation to analysis I conducted for Ghana Police Service, but I have never met him in person.

“I have come across Vincent Bossu (second accused person’s) name, but I have never met him.”

Dr Frimpong, the seventh prosecution witness, said he had also come across the name of former J.B.Danquah-Adu in respect of analysis of the Ghana Police Service.

“I had never met him. I heard he was an MP but he is now deceased,” the Witness said.

Dr Frimpong said in February 2016, the Ghana Police Service (GPS) brought him several exhibits for analysis.

He said the exhibits brought to him for analysis include: a handkerchief, a T-Shirt, bed sheet, a plastic cup, boxer shorts and swaps of blood.

“On receipt of the exhibits, I made sure I crosschecked the contents of every exhibit brought to me. I anonymized the samples and placed them under lock and key,” the Witness said.

He said a third party was also made to conduct some analysis and that he had written and signed the final report for the Ghana Police Service and rendered same in evidence.

Mr Yaw Dankwah, counsel for the accused persons, did not object to the tendering of the Forensic Report.

The matter has been adjourned to March 23.

Source: GNA

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