Innovative business trends in 2022

In the age of information technology, many new directions for business have appeared, which are concentrated mainly on the Internet. One of the most popular types of profit is sports betting – you may visit online casino to find out more about this sphere. Cryptocurrency, metaverses, and even 3D printing of houses have also become popular recently. In this review, we will consider other areas of innovative business that will become trends in the near future.


One of the promising areas today is EdTech (the term comes from two words, education and technology). EdTech brings together projects in the field of educational technology. It mainly refers to the field of online education, and also refers to any technology related to offline learning.

Every year, the demand for interactive online formats is growing, thanks to which each student can have an individual training program based on their own interests and characteristics. In connection with the development of interactive technologies, the profession of a tutor has also become relevant. It is these specialists who build a personal training plan.

In addition, EdTech also combines basic IT knowledge, as well as the basics of time management and basic knowledge of digital and financial literacy. All this knowledge is necessary for work in modern conditions.

In addition, the concept of peer-to-peer is gaining popularity – when a more successful student helps another in solving any problems. For example, there are more and more projects where students can check each other’s work and become active participants in the educational process along with the teacher. In addition to checking each other’s work, students can also become co-authors of courses and educational projects.


Another popular format that is actively developing is edutainment. This term comes from the two words “education” and “entertainment” and refers to the delivery of educational content to students through an entertainment approach. Examples of this approach can be various gaming techniques, a virtual assistant, and many other communication techniques. This format helps to increase the involvement of students in the educational process.

The advantage of this approach is an easy entry to learning. If the standard methods seem to students as something difficult and uninteresting, then the approach through entertainment helps to involve the student in the learning process quickly and without negative emotions.

The popularity of the Edutainment direction has especially increased over the past two years, when the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic suspended all offline learning processes.

That’s why services and products designed to help people read and have fun from the comfort of their homes have caught the attention of investors. For example, the number of visits to the English learning platform KhanAcademy increased by 2-3 times. In addition, the total amount of time that users spend on the site daily has also increased.

Learning new things has become a new form of entertainment for the home. Education has become more accessible and interesting due to the emergence of modern online technologies and various services.


Another promising area for investment is digital start-ups related to real estate. Such projects include the growing popularity of smart cities, smart buildings, as well as digital platforms for real estate search or projects that combine digital and development.

The volume of investment in this area is gradually growing – over the past few years it has exceeded $6 billion annually. According to experts, PropTech is no longer seen as an area for niche investments, but as an opportunity for diversified capital investments, including private equity and fund money.

Among today’s popular advanced solutions for the construction, sale and operation of real estate are BIM technologies, AR/VR projects, IoT solutions, mobile and web platforms, and much more. All these products are not only developing promisingly, but also affecting various areas of business and the economy. For example, deurbanization has led to an increase in demand for digital solutions in cottage settlements.

Based on the fact that the attention of investors today is directed to supporting environmental projects and ESG standards, we can expect the emergence of more and more new projects using energy-saving technologies and alternative energy sources. Thus, this area is developing steadily and is very promising for investment.

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