Accused persons intended to overthrow government – witness tells court

The Investigative team of the ongoing treason trial concluded that the ten accused persons conspired and  contributed in Take Action Ghana (TAG) Group’s intended plan to overthrow government.

Dr Frederick Mac Palm, Chief Executive Officer of the Citadel Hospital, Donya Kafui, alias “Ezor,” blacksmith, Bright Alan Debrah, alias “BB,” Freight Manager, Johannes Zikpi, signaler with the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) Esther Saan, Corporal Seidu Abubakar, Corporal Sylvester Akanpewu, Lance Airforce Corporal (LAC) Ali Solomon, Colonel Kojo Gameli and Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dr Benjamin Agordzo are all being held for the intended crime.

They are standing trial over charges including conspiracy to commit crime, high treason, possession of ammunition and abetment.

Mr Frank Aboagye the tenth prosecution’s witness, who said this, was giving his evidence-in-chief in the High Court on Monday.

He told the Court that the National Intelligence Bureau’s (NIB) investigative team concluded that Dr Mac Palm and TAG intended to overthrow the Government of Ghana by abrogating the constitution through violent means as it retrieved weapons from his hospital, the WhatsApp chats between him and the others.

Donya also knew the Improvised explosive Devices (IEDs) and guns, he manufactured were for the intended purpose whilst “BB” also held meetings with some soldiers and Dr Mac Palm in that direction.

Johannes Zikpi, a communication specialist and a signaler with the Ghana Armed Forces also knew the intention and his expertise in communication was sought by Dr Mac Palm in an attempt to overthrow government.

The witness said Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli, knew of the invitation of Donya to come and make weapons and also indicated support for the government’s overthrow and provided the excuse that he was waiting for “an HR” means he knew and encouraged the overthrow.

The witness said on the part of WOII Saan, she knew about the plot, attended the meetings with the other soldiers where the agenda was discussed as well as contributed to the discussions meant for government’s overthrow but failed to report to the appropriate authorities about the plan.

In the case of Corporal Seidu, though he denied taking part in the meetings, for the fact that he was confirmed by LAC Solomon that he went to the meetings with him and the confirmation from LAC Ankrah, another witness in the case, that he saw him at the meeting. Seidu participated in the attempt to overthrow the government.

Mr Aboagye said with LAC Solomon’s team they found out that he participated in several meetings where the overthrow of government was discussed but he also failed to report to the appropriate authorities.

The witness said the Investigative team found out that Corporal Akankpewu took part in several meetings and contributed which had its agenda to overthrow the government as their subject matter.

Mr Aboagye said LAC Solomon confirmed Corporal Abubakar took part in some of the meetings so also is Corporal Akanpewu, though he denied it.

The High Court heard that ACP Agordzo also contributed by offering advice, drafting a speech, and contributing funds to TAG’s activities which was meant to recruit people in support of their plan.

In enumerating the plans of TAG which were in two phases, the witness said there was “deployment of the various social media platforms to among things help the recruitment of some categories of persons who will serve as “hidden background advisory board.” This was also done, giving rise to the recruitment of persons such as ACP Dr Agordzo. In fact, this was discussed between Dr Mac Palm and ACP Dr Agordzo.

He said Dr Mac Palm told ACP Dr Agordzo that he needed not to expose himself and that his background contribution was what was needed.

“The fifth items was the creation of bank accounts for TAG, this was also done when the group created a cedi and dollar accounts with the Apenkwa branch of CBG bank and the sixth item was to contract a local musician to compose the agenda of TAG and it was done.

“Under phase two: the group was to embark on massive demonstrations leading to the occupying of the Flagstaff House and Parliament, adding that members were to cause a shutdown of the government and appeal to international community to supervise elections and replace the 1992 constitution of Ghana. These phases were discussed on executive WhatsApp platform.”

He said in most cases the team found that one Dr Albert Sam did most of the write-ups regarding TAG’s activities and placed the write-ups on the executive platform for discussions and adoption.

“We realised that in many instances they had private chats with Dr Mac Palm before posting on the executive platform, citing August 11 and 12, 2018, that after Dr Sam had put on the Executive platform the vision and mission of TAG, he and Dr Mac Palm had a WhatsApp discussion on what had been placed there.”

Dr Mac Palm told Dr Sam that most of the folks wanted them to avoid the use of words like coup, revolution, attacking parliament and flagstaff House because they knew the group could be charged for treason.

Also TAG embarked medical outreach according to findings. The purpose was to recruit people for TAG and enhance the dissemination of TAGs agenda, he said.

Source: GNA

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