Ada chiefs want Electrochem leases canceled  

The Chief Priest (Libi Wornor) of the Terkperbiawe Divisional Clan of the Ada Traditional Area, Numo Amatey Apedo Ayornu, and some chiefs and community members along the Ada Songor Lagoon, has appealed to the Government to cancel three leases to Electrochem.

The leases mandate Electrochem, a salt manufacturing company, to produce salt from the Songor Lagoon, but the chiefs and people say the three leases must be cancelled to ensure peace at Ada.

The petition was read by Nene Dadebom Anim II, Chief of Salom-Ada on behalf of Libi Wornor Numo Amartey Apedo Ayornu, the custodian of the Ada Songor Lagoon and the Chief Priest of the Deity of the Lagoon, after hours of demonstration through some principal streets of Big Ada.

They called on the Government to implement the Master Plan for salt development in Ghana, which had already been thoroughly discussed with them and fully accepted.

The petitioners said the Songor Lagoon and its adjoining land belonged to the Terkperbiawe Divisional Clan, which had the legal right to be properly informed by any individual who had an interest.

According to the petitioners PNDC Law 287 states that the Government only holds in trust for the allodia owners of the Ada Songor Lagoon and adjoining lands, hence no private investor could take it from the indegenes.

Source: GNA

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