National House of Chiefs condemns fighting in Parliament

The National House of Chiefs has condemned the recent fight among members of parliament over the electronic transaction tax proposed in the 2022 national budget.

Ogyeahohuo Yaw Gyebi II, President of the House said the disgraceful incident was a taint on the country’s democratic dispensation.

Addressing the end-of-year meeting of the House in Kumasi, he called on the members of parliament to resort to dialogue and engagement to arrive at a consensus on issues of national interest.

The equal numerical strength in the eighth parliament indicated that Ghanaians wanted the country’s legislators to work together, he stated.

Ogyeahohuo Yaw Gyebi indicated that Ghanaians were particularly concerned about the matters arising in the chamber after the presentation of the 2022 budget statement by the government.

Again the economic statement of government to parliament was also of great importance to the citizenry.

Its discussions should therefore be of utmost importance to the people’s representative and not to turn the issue into a political game and personal fight.

Ogyeahohuo Yaw Gyebi said it was always important for members of parliament to exercise restraint and be patient with each other in the discussion of issues in the chamber.

The President, on behalf of the NHC, advised Parliamentarians not to allow this to happen again since it undermined their positions as honourable members.

Additionally, Ogyeahohuo Yaw Gyebi condemned the alleged chieftaincy-related conflict that had arisen in Asamankese in the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional area.

He called on the feuding parties to use the due process of the law to resolve their differences to prevent further loss of lives.

Ogyeahohuo Yaw Gyebi, who is also the paramount chief of Sehwi-Anwhiaso traditional area, further urged the public to take precautionary measures against bush fires in this dry season.

He called on hunters, farmers, charcoal burners, and palm wine tappers to be careful in the handling of fire.

He also called on the Inspector General of Police to beef-up security during the Christmas festivities to protect life and property.

Ogyeahohuo Yaw Gyebi further called on drivers to be very careful and drive responsibly by adhering to all road traffic regulations to help reduce the incidence of road crashes in the country.

He again reminded Ghanaians of the existence of the global pandemic of COVID – 19 which was still posing threat to public health and asked people to be cautious and keep all the protocols to stay safe.

The public should also endeavour to go for the vaccination to protect their lives and that of their families.

Source: GNA

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