Two police officers killed and burnt at Zuarungu

Two police officers with the Bolgatanga East District Police Command have been shot dead and burnt at Zuarungu by alleged armed robbers.

The two officers were believed to be on night patrol when they met their untimely death.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mr David Fianko-Okyere, the Upper East Regional Public Relations Officer of the Regional Police Command, confirmed the incident and death of the two officers but said details of the incident were not readily available.

However, an eyewitness told the Ghana News Agency that the incident occurred at about 1930 hours on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, when two suspected robbers on a motorbike attacked a shop (Baba Store) at Zuarungu market and held the shop owner and customers hostage.

The robbers took the sales and some items from the shop.

On their way out, the robbers saw the two Police officers, who were on a motorbike and had stopped to buy some items at the market.

Sensing that the police would find out, the suspects opened fire on the two unarmed officers, killing them instantly.

The suspects also shot the petrol tank of the police officers’ motorbike, causing it to catch fire.
The identities of the officers were not readily available but their bodies have been deposited at the Regional Mortuary for preservation.

Source: GNA.

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