Resecurity partners with Ghana based SINA to intensify cybersecurity in Africa

Cybersecurity company, Resecurity has announced a partnership with Ghana based Safety and Intelligence Network Africa (SINA), to advance cyber threat intelligence in Africa. In a press release copied to Ghana Business News, Resecurity says the partnership is to accelerate cybersecurity knowledge and skills transfer through training, awareness and innovative cyber intelligence solutions.

“Transnational organized criminals are constantly finding new ways to use technology to facilitate traditional crimes, for example using crypto currencies and the Dark Web to create illicit global markets for drugs, weapons, illicit wildlife products, and human trafficking.

Fast-evolving cybercrime techniques pose a tremendous challenge to law enforcement, especially where real time engagement is required among developing nations with limited resources. As we saw back in February, thanks to coordination between U.S. and Ghanaian law enforcement, the FBI arrested six criminals in Ghana for more than $50 million in cyber crimes including money laundering, online scams, fraud, and identify theft.  It was through international cooperation between the United States and Ghana that these criminals were brought to justice,” said Nicole Chulick, the U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission in Accra(Chargé d’affaires) concluding the results of Cyber Awareness Month and successful cooperation between two countries.

According to the release, SINA is the leading organization for providing training for security and risk management professionals, government, military and law enforcement officers.

It indicated that in the past year, Ghana’s digital economy has accelerated rapidly with the country investing in international partnerships, technical security training and cybersecurity crisis response.

“SINA’s mission is to help Africa prepare for this transformation by advancing students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities through the creation and dissemination of safety, security and intelligence training enabled by professional staff and instructors, innovative learning programs, and modern facilities,” the release said.

According to Resecurity, its partnership with SINA aims to increase awareness about emerging security threats and challenges, accelerate professional development of security professionals and foster knowledge transfer to facilitate stability and security in Africa. Resecurity will support SINA with advanced cyber threat intelligence and solutions for law enforcement and national security agencies through the partnership, it added.

Commenting, Alexander Frimpong, the CEO of SINA said: “Providing public and private organizations the tools they need to secure their cyber ecosystems is essential to not only support our country’s digitalization but protect our data. By partnering with Resecurity, we will help organizations mitigate these risks through dynamic cybersecurity SaaS solutions and training. SINA is excited to work closely with Resecurity to help our students build their security skills and become cyber resilient.”

Resecurity indicates that its cyber threat intelligence solutions provide proactive alerts and comprehensive visibility of digital risks targeting an organization’s ecosystem. The innovative platform allows administrators to reduce potential blind spots and security gaps by quickly seeing in-depth analysis and specific artifacts obtained through the dark web, botnets activity, network intelligence and high-quality threat intelligence data.

“We are proud to partner with a leading organization like SINA to provide best-in-class cyber intelligence solutions and knowledge sharing. This is an exciting time due to the rapid growth of Africa’s digital economy, and also a crucial time for security professionals as they prepare for the imminent cyber threats that will come with this growth. Together, we can ensure Ghana’s organizations and professionals have the tools, data and skills they need to combat cyber threats,” said Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity.

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