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Oguaamanhen expresses worry over lack of time-consciousness among Ghanaians

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Osabarima Kwesi Atta

Osabarima Kwesi Atta II, Omanhen of Oguaa Traditional Area, has expressed worry over the blatant disregard of time management by Ghanaians.

He said the penchant for the public to attend or start scheduled programmes late was a drawback to national efforts to increase productivity to accelerate development.

“Many Ghanaians always show up late for events and this is a cause of worry to many event organizers. This very attitude of some of us leads to unproductivity and a long-term stagnation,” the Omanhen of Oguaa Traditional Area stated.

He expressed his utmost discomfort about the attitudinal dilemma in his welcoming address at the 18th Annual General Conference of the Ghana Physician Assistants Association (GPAA) in Cape Coast.

The programme, which was scheduled to commence early in the morning as advertised, was delayed and he could not countenance that, saying “I got this letter of invitation indicating that the programme starts at 9000 hours but now it is over 1000 hours.

“Assuming we are competing with someone to produce something, the competitor would have gone an hour ahead to get the desired result. We must stop that negative habit because it does not help any of us,” he stated.

He said being conscious of time and having some respect for the schedules of others was fundamental to achieving personal and national goals.

Source: GNA

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