Things to do in Ghana

Although the global pandemic has had a devastating effect on the tourism industry worldwide, with the situation beginning to ease, people can once more begin to think about taking holidays again.

Although not known as a tourist destination, a visit to Ghana should not be ruled out as there is a surprising number of things to experience in this West African country.

And, with the official language of the country being English, tourists from South Africa in particular will soon find themselves at home.

Ghana also boasts of a number of top-class hotels, all of which boast, apart from their numerous facilities, excellent Internet connections. That means that even those who still want to access South African online casinos when on the road, such as those listed here can do so almost as easily as if they were at home.

For those new to the country, here are just a few suggestions of what to sample.

Many people choose to base themselves on the coast and Ghana boasts some excellent beaches. In addition, surfing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and various companies have set up surf camps catering to every skill level, from beginners to budding champions.

The seaside community of Jamestown has also become something of a cultural hub. Once just the preserve of local fishermen, it now hosts the Chale Wote Street Art Festival, where street art and old colonial buildings combine in a unique and visually appealing pageant. The Lighthouse is well worth a visit, and then it is recommended that the tourist takes a trip down the High Street in order to see the Ussher Fort.

Round off the trip with a drink at Osikan, perched high on the cliffs, with stunning views down the coastline.

Further down the coast is Cape Coast Castle, originally built by Swedish traders for timber and gold trades, before becoming a fort for the Transatlantic slave trade. It offers grisly reminders of the fate awaiting thousands, with tours of the well-preserved dungeons, and holding rooms, and a permanent exhibition documenting this unfortunate part of the country’s past.

For those who choose to stay closer to the capital Accra, a visit to the game reserve at Shai Hills is highly recommended. This mini game reserve offers the chance to view a wide variety of wildlife in their natural habitat, including zebras, antelopes, baboons, and ostriches.

And for those prepared to travel a little further, there is the Kakum National Park, located in the Central Region. Covering some 145 square miles of lush flora and fauna. It boasts a long canopy walkway, (one of only two in the whole of Africa) from which diverse species of monkey, can be seen, as well as rare birds like the white-breasted guinea fowl.

Finally, no visit to Ghana would be complete without sampling the local cuisine. There are now plenty of restaurants offering such favourites as fufu (a plantain cassava dumpling), banku (fermented corn dumpling) and jollof rice and beans.

A delicious range of stews will also usually be available as well.

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