Cape Coast MCE confirmed amidst misunderstanding

Ernest Arthur – Rejected for the second time

Mr Ernest Arthur, the President’s nominee for the position of Metropolitan Chief Executive of Cape Coast, has been confirmed amidst misunderstanding among the Assembly members.

There were mixed reactions at the end of the counting of votes by the members, the government appointees and observers present, some of whom expressed dissatisfaction with the election, held at the Cape Coast Centre for National Culture.

All that resulted in insults, outbreak of fisticuffs among some Assembly members and government appointees, and throwing of chairs at each other at the Centre.

They all started approaching the Electoral Officers who monitored the voting but the security prevented them.

The 63 members present cast their ballots amidst heavy armed police presence, but that did not prevent tempers from rising, resulting in the disturbances, which the police had a tough time to bring under control.

Shortly after, news came in that Mr Arthur had won the 45 votes needed to secure him the two-thirds majority, with 18 of the votes going against him.

This sparked another round of heated arguments among the Assembly Members and political elements present.

However, observers who were happy about the results sung and danced in appreciation to celebrate the victory, leaving the venue in a jubilant mood.

The nominee, who had been rejected twice by the Assembly, looked cheerful after the Metro Electoral Officer announced the results.

Mr Arthur, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, expressed gratitude to President Akufo-Addo and the Assembly for the confidence reposed in him to serve the area.

He gave the assurance that he would work hard to achieve the President’s vision of transforming the nation.

Mr Joseph Korto, the National Dean of Presiding Members in Ghana, who supervised the polls, said the voting was successful despite the misunderstanding during the sorting and counting.

He described the situation as “unfortunate” because Assembly members were law abiding and should not engage in that behaviour.

Mr Korto appealed to political parties to desist from meddling in the confirmation of metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives as it was a non-partisan affair.

He encouraged assembly members to respect each other regardless of their political affiliations.

Source: GNA

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