Some Queen Mothers develop manifesto for oil revenue investment

Queen Mothers within the Western Region have developed a document, prescribing how the oil revenue could be utilised.

The move is to help Ghana become better at maximising the benefits from the petroleum sector.

Nana Akosua Gyamfiaba, the lead Queen Mother on the project dubbed “QUEEN Mothers Manifesto for Investment of oil Revenues for 2020 to 2022,” said though Ghana had been praised for legislation, the successful implementation of the law remained a challenge.

The investment proposal of the Manifesto supported by Oxfam and its partners span Agriculture, education, health and railways.

On agriculture, the manifesto urged the government to consider a more mechanised approach, more subsidies and training and support, among other needs.

It also called for more attention to STEM and TVET education, laboratories and teacher motivation and a more robust health sector with incubators and other urgent needs.

The Manifesto emphasised regular maintenance of roads and railway development, tarring of roads and employment of more women at toll booths as well as the installation of CCTV cameras along major roads.

There is also the need for a national development plan on the utilization of the resources, the need to fund projects solely from the oil monies against thin spreading, and regular deposit into the contingency fund.

The Queen Mothers also called on the state not to touch the Heritage Fund and proper assessment of priority areas before selection and investment.

Source: GNA

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