Coup attempt in Sudan foiled, mastermind arrested

An attempted coup has reportedly been thwarted in the East African country of Sudan.

The army was able to prevent an overthrow, Taher Abu Haja, a military spokesperson, said on Sudanese state television early on Tuesday.

All plotters involved in the attempted early morning coup had been arrested, the Sudanese News Agency (SUNA) reported. A large number of military vehicles could be seen on the streets of Khartoum.

The mastermind is said to be Major General Abdul-Baqi Al-Bakrawi, a military spokesperson told dpa. Al-Bakrawi’s supporters initially prevented his arrest, the spokesperson said. That led to negotiations between the military and the coup plotters.

Sudanese Information Minister Hamza Balloul said on state television that the situation was under control and that the masterminds had been arrested. According to Balloul, they are supporters of the former regime.

Sudan was ruled with an iron fist by President Omar al-Bashir for 30 years until his overthrow by the army in 2019 after mass protests. Civilians and the military then formed a joint transitional government, a move which was welcomed worldwide.

Source: GNA

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